Bachelors Needed for House 7 of the Drifter Challenge!

Gabrielle Driver is about to age up to a young adult so I’m looking for 7 bachelors for the bachelorette part of house 7 of the Drifter Challenge which is coming to my channel very soon!

Her traits are Creative and Cat Lover, along with having a Muser trait from choosing the Painter Extraordinaire aspiration.

Please no custom content and they must be unplayed (ie no skills, etc). I’d love it if they came with parents/siblings; if they do, I will place their family in my Drifter save.

If you’d like to provide one (or more) comment here and please upload them to the gallery using the following hashtag: #MSDrifterH7Bachelors

Gallery IDs of the creators will be shared in my video introducing them & in my Drifter blog post. 😊

Link to my Drifter Blog post as an FYI:

If you have any questions about the challenge or the Sims 4 in general, please come join my new Facebook group, Sims Sanctuary.

7 thoughts on “Bachelors Needed for House 7 of the Drifter Challenge!

  1. Hi, Jennifer I just uploaded a bachelor and his family for you. He shouldn’t have any skills because I saved him when he was first made I just created a family for him. Gallery ID is Tiger_Lover_78 I did use your hashtag for them. I do have a house full of 7 bachelors there too that my daughter and I made for my House 007 you are more than welcome to use any of them if you’d like as well.

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  2. I’d love to create a bachelor for you but I’m away atm. When is your cutoff date?
    I do have quite a few single male Sims in my gallery (CC free) if you can’t wait and still need some more. Feel free to use any for your challenge 😊

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    1. Friday morning (ie Dec 18) should be fine, I need to set up the save (I want to add vacation homes to different worlds while I’m in between houses) and I can add your bachelor at the last minute. If you can make him a spellcaster that would be great. I forgot to mention that here so if Gabrielle falls for a non spellcaster and her heir isn’t one, I might make it a goal for Gabrielle to learn the spell to turn the heir into a spellcaster!

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      1. Oooh, I actually have a spell caster (skilled) in my gallery that received a Maxis Fav that she might like… πŸ˜‰ His name is Bruxo Branco (Portuguese for White Witch).


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