House 8 Drifter Challenge: Overview

House 8 of the Drifter Challenge is scheduled to return on September 2, 2021.

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After living a sheltered life, our new drifter Hannah Driver, returns to her grandmother’s world of Willow Creek to start her first day with nothing in an empty neighborhood (lot is Parkshore, the neighbourhood the Goth’s usually live in). 

Will she be up to the following challenges?:

  1. As a minimum create a 5 bedroom, 2 bathroom house worth at least 50k simoleons,
  2. Achieve level 10 of the Author Branch of the Writer Career,
    * She must adopt a baby upon her 1st, 2nd & 3rd promotions.
  3. All three adopted sims, as well as the Heir, must each complete one Child Aspiration, and
  4. Produce & raise the Heir to the Young Adult life stage.

Additional Optional Goals that I will attempt with the Drifter:

  1. Max the cooking & parenting skill, possibly knitting skill (optional goals from Vihisha’s blog post)
  2. Complete the writing aspiration, and
  3. Complete the Super Parent Aspiration.

Additional Optional Goals that I will attempt with each of the adopted children & the Heir:

  1. Become top notch toddlers (ie max the 4 needed toddler skills),
  2. Complete all four child aspirations,
  3. Get all Scout badges & earn the scouting aptitude reward trait,
  4. As teens all must be A High School students,
  5. Try to max either drama club or one part time career as teens, and
  6. They must have at least 4 positive character values when they age up to young adult.

In this house we can control the Drifter, the 3 adopted children & the Heir. 😊

Exceptions are as follows:

(screenshot is from Vihisha’s blog post as of Sept 1, 2021)

The ability to leave your home lot is limited, usually you need 1,000 simoleons and where you can travel to is set by house. Here is a screenshot of the details, again screenshot is from Vihisha’s blog post as of Sept 1, 2021 (Note the club gatherings should say ‘Get Together needed’, not ‘City Living’. 😊 ):

Some exceptions or amendments that I do re places that can be visited is that I include Bars and Lounges as ‘Nightclubs’ as they act similar to Nightclubs. I also host club gatherings at gyms and museums.

If you have any questions or want to share your own Sims game play with other Simmers head over to my Facebook group, Sims Sanctuary.

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