House 7 Drifter Challenge: Overview and Meet Our Bachelors

House 7 of the Drifter Challenge is scheduled to return on February 4. Playlist link

There are two parts to house 7, in the first part we have a bachelorette challenge to see who our drifter will marry & in the second part our Drifter and the winner of part 1 will start their life together. In both parts we can only control the Drifter (with some exceptions noted in the rules on Vihisha’s blog post and summarized below).

If you have any questions, or would just like to share any of your sim related game play, head over to my Facebook group, Sims Sanctuary.

Part 1 of House 7:

Meet our Bachelorette:

Our bachelorette is our heir from house 6, now our drifter, Gabrielle Driver, she is proper, a cat lover and creative:

Meet our Bachelors:

Which bachelor will win her heart? (EA ID of those who created them is included with their pictures):

Some bachelors were already spellcasters, but for those who weren’t, I had one of my sims who knew the spell to convert sims to spellcasters do so, so they are all now spellcasters. Here are our bachelors as originally uploaded to the gallery, which in some cases includes families, if you’re interested in adding them to your own game.

The bachelorette challenge has detailed rules on Vihisha’s blog post (link here), and will take place in Gabrielle’s family home in Willow Creek (the Oakenstead lot) and it will comprise of a mix of elimination challenges (painting on Day 3 and fishing on Day 5, dates, parties and the relationship of the contestants with our heir Gabrielle will also have an impact. During this first part aging will be off.

Thanks very much to everyone who provided bachelors, which included Tiger_Lover_78 (link to her Sims YouTube channel), katbos20963, SoulGal7 (link to her Sims blog post), Simslover163 (link to his Sims blog post & Sims YouTube challenge), BipolarPrincess & Mammabird672.

While not required, I am using the Sims Info mod to get the exact relationship numbers when determining who has the highest/lowest relationship. Here’s a link to the mod if you’re interested in using it.

Part 2 of House 7:

Part 2 of the challenge is similar to other houses where we start with nothing on an empty lot (this time on Springscape Residential in Oasis Springs). The goals for this part of the challenge are as follows:

  1. As a minimum create a 2 bedroom, 1 bathroom house worth at least 40k simoleons,
  2. Complete the Soulmate Aspiration with our Drifter,
  3. Produce & raise The Heir to the Young Adult life stage.

Please let me know if you’d like to play along, the bachelors, in some cases with their families, can be found on the gallery (see EA IDs mentioned above) and I can add my Drifter, with or without her family if you’d like.

Details of what we can do with non-played sims in this house (as of Feb 3/2021):

  1. Use the options available through their portrait in the bottom left hand corner
  2. Change their aspirations
  3. Drag items in or out through their inventory
  4. Redeem their points in the Rewards Store
  5. Answer phones
  6. Respond to pop-up events
  7. Use the following interactions:
    • Change outfit
    • Alter Disguise (Get To Work needed) – Alien exclusive
    • Drink Medicine to cure Illness (Get To Work needed)
    • Spend Power Points (Vampires needed) – Vampire exclusive
    • Select Weaknesses (Vampires needed) – Vampire exclusive
    • Purchase an Antidote on the computer when poisoned (Jungle Adventures needed)
    • Drink an Antidote to cure poisoning (Jungle Adventures needed)
    • Drink Rabid Rodent Serum to cure Rabid Rodent Fever (My First Pet needed)
    • Spend Fame Points (Get Famous needed) – Celebrity exclusive
    • Spend Talent Points (Realm Of Magic needed) – Spellcaster exclusive
    • Open Spellbook (Realm Of Magic needed) – Spellcaster exclusive
    • List, Un-List and Mail Off items on Plopsy (Nifty Knitting needed)