7 Toddler Let’s Play Vote


We’re almost finished with this challenge* so I’d like to know if you’d like to see the family continue in a ‘Super Kids Challenge‘ where the goals for the seven toddlers, once they are newly aged up to children, to do the following:

  1. To max all four childhood aspirations;
  2. To complete all their scout badges; and
  3. To get their character values in a positive range.

While the children are working on those goals, Norah would continue to work on her fortune, painting and gardening aspirations.  We’ll also see how green we can make their Newcrest neighbourhood. 😊

Here’s a link to the poll for the vote, voting will be open until 11:59 PM Eastern, Friday, June 26, 2020:

Regardless of how the vote turns out, after the toddlers age up to children I’ll put both the family and their home, as it is when the challenge ends, on the gallery in case anyone wants to continue with them.  I’ll update this post with the gallery links when they are up on the gallery.😊

*Link to the original challenge: https://maplesimmer.video.blog/2020/05/26/rags-to-riches-seven-toddler-challenge/


Rags to Riches: Eco Lifestyle Edition


Playlist Link

Meet our Sims:

We are starting with a young married couple & the husband’s mother, all of whom are spellcasters, who have recently arrived in Port Promise with a dream to build an eco-friendly home and make the neighbourhood a better place. They’ve used all their money for their trip so are now starting with nothing.

Conor Moon:


Conor is a young adult who is a Maker, a Green Fiend and a Genius, who’s also a Collector due to his Nature Aspiration.

Melody Collins-Moon:


Melody is Conor’s young adult wife who is Creative, a Green Fiend, Family Oriented and a Muser from choosing a Creative Aspiration.

Deirdre Moon:


Deirdre is Conor’s adult mother, who is Family Oriented, a Freegan and a Maker with the Domestic trait from choosing a Family Aspiration.

If you’d like to play along with this family, they are on the gallery, here’s a link:

Challenge Goals:

  1. For Conor & Melody to both:
    • max the Civil Designer career with each taking a different branch
    • to complete the Eco Innovator aspiration.
  2. For both Melody & her mother in law Deirdre to complete the new Maker aspiration.
  3. For them all to turn Port Promise from having an Industrial footprint to having a Green footprint.
  4. For them to build a home that is eco friendly & if possible to generate more power & water than they use.
  5. For them all to complete the fortune aspiration.
  6. In connection with the ‘green initiative’, Deirdre will complete the Botanist aspiration.
  7. Since Deirdre is a freegan we will try to furnish as much as possible using things we find & repair or that we create ourselves.
  8. Bonus Goal: For Conor & Melody to have a family.😊


  1. To start with nothing with a goal to get rich (in this case to complete the fortune aspiration as noted above).
  2. Generally to follow the rules from my Rags to Riches guidelines, one exception is that our sims will have ‘jobs’ since that’s needed to complete their goals; link here:
  3. Note the lifespan I’ve chosen is ‘long’, anyone playing along can choose what they want.
  4. Optional added challenges:
    1. Build/Buy rules – can only purchase from build/buy mode things that can’t be crafted or are known to be found in the dumpster. Timing of these purchases is limited to:
      • Mondays after the Neighborhood voting is done.
      • if the family has children, you can do one-off purchases of what you need for the child as they enter new lifespans (for example when a baby ages up to a toddler and a toddler ages up to a child. This shouldn’t be needed when a child ages up to a teen as their needs are similar to those of an adult).
      • if you have Seasons and Rebate Day falls on a different day, you may enter build/buy mode then too.
      • You can purchase things from the computer, bookcase or planters, or if you have Seasons, from the phone at any time.
      • In all cases, you can only go in one time, if you forget something, you need to wait until the next purchase time.
    2. Try to stay in the three Evergreen Harbor neighbourhoods as much as possible, unless travelling for an aspiration.

Rags to ‘Riches’ Seven Toddler Challenge

Now on my channel!


First part will be released Saturday, May 30, 2020 at 1 pm Eastern;
laylist link:  https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLyPCBQSeZfrLNx8p8BMP7UWYQw1_n0A6a


  1. Build a house which requires at a minimum (can have more):
    • Minimum two bedrooms, one living area and one bathroom
    • A bed for each toddler and for the caregiver
    • A kitchen area with fridge, stove, a counter, and a sink
    • Living room area with television, radio, and a seating area
    • At least one bathroom (at a minimum needs a tub, toilet, sink)
    • Toddler items: Blocks, toys/toy box, bookshelf (with toddler books), large plush, potty chairs
    • Highchairs are not required (and not recommended)
  1. Max all skills on toddlers
  2. Have a minimum of 10k in simoleons

Once all goals have been met you can age all the toddlers up to children all at once. 


  1. The household starts with nothing on an empty lot (use cheats to set funds to zero; i.e. ‘testingcheats on’ or ‘testingcheats true’, then ‘money 0’ )
  2. No cheats or mods for needs or to add money.  Can use cheats to reset sims when they are stuck.
  3. Must bring all the toddlers with you if you travel off the home lot (wandering around the neighbourhood is fine).
  4. Aging should be on long or off.
  5. Can hire services, including a nanny.
  6. Can use lot traits and if you have Tiny Living you can build the house as tiny residential lot (may change to regular lot if wish).
  7. Caregiver can do freelance work. If choose to be a freelance artist, you can’t accept gigs that require you to leave the lot; cancel gig if you accidentally accept one.
  8. Can’t modify community lots to add things you need; however, you can add toddler items to them once you have provided them at home.
  9. If have Seasons, it’s your choice as to whether you have weather/temperature effects on or off.

Challenge is considered a fail if any toddlers are taken away.

While it is considered a challenge fail if you have a toddler taken away you could try an easier ‘version’ of the challenge and keep going! In this case the challenge is to see how many toddlers you still have when you meet all three of the goals, the more toddlers you have to age up to children at the end, the better.😊

Here’s a closer look at the toddlers and their mom, including their names and traits:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


If you’d like to play along with the same family on and the same starting lot, the family will be starting on Tranquil Crescent in the Llama Lagoon neighbourhood of Newcrest and I have uploaded them to the gallery under my Origin ID MapleSimmer. 😊 https://tinyurl.com/yawemswm







Casting Call for my Drifter Challenge House 4 Let’s Play

Calling for non CC sims to use in my YouTube Let’s Play for House 4 of the Drifter Challenge. I need the following:
1) Young Adults (preferably unskilled) as potential love interests, they can come with siblings/parents, but need at least one other young adult or older in the household,
2) Sims in the Scientist career as co workers (just have them join, they don’t need to have been played in the career) AND
3) Aliens (I may eventually have one move in to my household as that is one goal of the challenge 😊 )
2) and 3) require you to have Get to Work.
Please use #H4MapleSimmer when sharing on the gallery or just comment below if you have any and let me know your User ID. 😊
Here’s my sim, Dominique Driver. She is a genius, geek and a bookworm. Her story starts this Thursday, March 21. Dominique_YAwTraits

After living a sheltered life, our new drifter Dominique Driver returns to her grandmother’s world of Willow Creek to start her first day with nothing in an empty neighborhood (lot is Riverside Roost).  She is fascinated by aliens, since her grandfather was abducted late in life and came back pregnant with her aunt Bridget.


Will she be up to the following challenges?:

1) To max the scientist career (note if you don’t have GTW, the goal is to max the astronaut career).
2) To build a 2 Bedroom, 1 Bathroom Home worth at least $50k Simoleons (after Depreciation)
3) To achieve level 10 of the Rocket Science skill
4) To travel to space and bring back 3 unique Space Rocks or Aliens (*If you own Get To Work, items acquired from Sixam count)
5) Befriend and Move In a Co-Worker (*If you own Get To Work, you may befriend and move in an Alien instead, so this will be my goal)
6) Produce and raise an Heir to the Young Adult life stage; this Heir will become the Main Sim in the 5th House Mini-Challenge.

Note we can only control our main sim in this challenge (apart from a few exceptions, one main one being ‘claiming bed’ and aging up on a cake).

If you’d like to see Dominique’s great grandmother Alicia’s journey, a link to House 1 of the Drifter Challenge is here:

If you’d like to see Dominique’s grandmother Bella’s journey, a link to House 2 of the Drifter Challenge is here:

If you’d like to see Dominique’s mother Charity’s journey, a link to House 3 of the Drifter Challenge is here:

Information on the Drifter Challenge:

The Drifter Challenge is a challenge created by the lovely Lady Vi and you start with both Willow Creek and Oasis Springs empty, except for one restaurant if you have Dine Out. It can be thought of as a generation challenge as well as a building challenge, which each generation, or ‘house’, starts with no money on an empty lot and each ‘house’ has its own set of goals. As you meet certain goals over the generations, or ‘houses’ as they are called, you can also start adding certain community lots (which you can build or download from the gallery or add the original lots back if you’ve saved them in your library). It’s a good way to examine a lot of different elements in the game, and you can skip any generation you don’t want to do. Here’s a link to the main page if it interests you; it further links to the different ‘house’ rules.   https://thedrifterchallenge.blogspot.com/

Link to house 4 rules:
Vihisha’s Blogspot: https://thedrifterchallenge.blogspot.com/p/drifter-house-004.html

Where to find Vihisha:

YouTube channel Lady Vi Gaming link: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCkN_yJd3CP3h7IwC-vCxK7A

Twitch channel link: https://www.twitch.tv/vihisha

Background Story for Get Famous Rags to Riches Challenge

Meet my two sims, who unknown to them, are about to embark on a Rags to Riches Challenge.

Felicity Evans, who is a creative teen and who is also a bookworm.FelicityTransp01TeenWPcropped

Jasper Evans, who is an outgoing child.


They are best friends and have been since Jasper was a toddler and Felicity a child.


They are both children of Father Winter, who was active in raising them even though it took him many attempts to finally convince their mother to marry him.JasperwFather_FlashCardsWP

So their parents are now finally engaged and they are both busy with plans for their wedding, a toddler, and another nooboo on the way.JasperFeelingBellyWPCropped

Felicity has recently developed an interest in drama and she was able to get her parents to agree that she and Jasper could go to a summer drama camp in Del Sol Valley. Jasper is still more into Scouts, but wanted to tag along with his sister.

Unfortunately their reservation and payment somehow went missing and to top it off, they were robbed of everything but a few basic belongings. They don’t want to tell their parents as they think their parents will make them return home. However, since their parents are busy, they really want to try and survive the summer and summer school all on their own. They are even more determined to succeed in this endeavor since their mom has overcome similar obstacles when she was younger. Will they be successful?


Title Chosen: Alien Encounters Challenge


I ended up choosing Alien Encounters Challenge as the title of my new Let’s Play as it seemed to encompass the fact that the Let’s Play was a challenge and that the main goal was to somehow encounter aliens! 😊

Here’s a link to the play list if you’d like to check it out.  As of the date of this posting, there are four parts up and the regular dates for posting this challenge on YouTube will be Wednesdays and Saturdays!

Help with Title for New Let’s Play!

My sim Eric Bloom, who was the youngest sibling in my Abandoned Kids Challenge and my Abandoned Kids: The Teen Years Let’s Plays, is going to join the scientist career once he ages up to a young adult and I’m planning on following him with a new Let’s Play and I’d love some help choosing a title for this new Let’s Play.

The goals of this Let’s Play are for Eric to:

  1. To reach the top of the scientist career;
  2. To complete the nerd brain aspiration;
  3. To try to complete the element collection (inspired by the Not So Berry Challenge)
  4. To visit Sixam; and
  5. To either see how many alien babies he has from hopefully being abducted, and if that doesn’t happen, to meet and marry an alien.

I also plan to use the new expansion pack Get Famous in this Let’s Play to see if he can become a famous scientist.

Note the idea of this ‘challenge’ stems from when I had two male sims in different saves get abducted and come back pregnant shortly after EA increased the chances of pregnancy from abduction with the pre Cats and Dogs update! I was however waiting for the right sim to try it with. 😊





Here is Eric as a teen; his traits as a teen are Genius and Geek.







His sister Sylvia, who recently aged up to young adult, will be joining him in his journey. Her traits are Creative, Music Lover and Neat.




Now as I mentioned, here’s where I’d love some help.  I’m not sure what to call my Let’s Play!  I have a couple of suggestions, which are:

  • Search for Sixam
  • Quest for Aliens

I would love to see some other suggestions so if you have any, please comment! I plan to do a poll with my two suggestions and any others I get, and will go with whichever title wins the poll.😊

Link to my Abandoned Kids Challenge playlist… https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLyPCBQSeZfrLLu_3hVG5aF_MpMDGGnMVT

Link to my Abandoned Kids: The Teen Years playlist… https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLyPCBQSeZfrL0sF2zNjqWvYDp-KQZ-2mA 


Love Interest for Star Crawford

Love Day is coming and Star Crawford, recently aged up to a Young Adult, needs a love interest for Love Day. I’ve had a few people create or provide some sims and Star has met them all. We spent the last two parts of my Seasons Let’s Play trying to meet them; Part 32: https://youtu.be/D-vHcecf1Is and Part 33: https://youtu.be/RguorPJ_yQQ.

I usually like to look for signs of which sim my sim is interested in, however Star doesn’t appear to have a marked interest in any of them, so now I need some help picking for her.  I’ve created the following poll which will be open until early tomorrow evening and I’d love to get some votes! (Details of who has created them are in the poll, for most you’ll need to show custom content (CC) to see them, though the version in my Let’s Play are CC free).