Appeasing Harvestfest Gnomes (Sims 4)

I came across this picture schematic on how to appease the gnomes that appear at Harfestfest (Sims 4 Seasons) and I’ve had a lot of success with it.  So if you’re looking for something that will help you be successful, I recommend following it! 😊


I first saw this in a Sims Facebook group and the original source is noted on the picture itself.

Sims 4 Stuff Packs

All stuff packs add 1 or more interactive items, as well as a lot of build/buy/CAS items. Sims 4 does have a lot of stuff packs as they seem to have replaced the store that was used in Sims 3 and compared to that, they seem to offer more for your money than it did. I find I use things from all the stuff packs, but here’s a summary I’ve written about them to see what might suit your play style the best:

Do your sims like to be outside?
Backyard Stuff: Adds a lot for outside, including a bird feeder (sims may get attacked, which makes them angry, when filling it, but it’s random), wind chimes, a water slide which can be a fun group interaction and a lemonade tray that sims can use to make lemonade and a couple of other drinks. It also adds 2 six-seater round tables with built in umbrella (so doesn’t work well inside).

Perfect Patio Stuff: Adds a Hot Tub (2 versions) plus a new BBQ, bar and matching kitchen counter/island as well as some more outdoor furniture and other outdoor inspired build/buy/CAS items.

Romantic Garden Stuff: Adds the Wishing Well which can add some randomness to your game as well as the interactive fountain (you can play in and sit on). I’ve added the wishing well to some of the parks in my game. It also added some more flowers if you like landscaping, as well as other outdoor items that are good for building outside.

If you like family play, both Kid’s Room Stuff and Toddler Stuff are good additions. I also find My First Pet Stuff to fit in well with family play:
Kid’s Room Stuff: adds the puppet theater that kids can do puppet shows in as well as build social skill and the void critter station which adds a new collection to the game. Since this is focused on kids, it also adds a lot of kid’s CAS items and, as the name suggests, build/buy items for kids’ rooms. 😊

Toddler Stuff: This gives toddlers some outdoor stuff to interact with and adds a lot of cute outfits (plus the toddler play date). The interactive items are a slide (which I’ve found helpful in building your toddler’s movement skill quickly), the ball pit and the tunnels, as well as a new dollhouse that works well outside. It also adds a lot of CAS items (hair and clothes) for toddlers since that’s it’s focus.

My First Pet Stuff: This is a controversial pack as it requires Sims 4 Cats and Dogs to take advantage of everything in the pack, though it can be used without it. It adds the rodent cage (with four types of rodents, Hamster, mini hedgehog, rat & the voidcritter Bubalos which you can interact with, and also introduces a new death type from the new Guinea Pig Disease (which you can also prevent by researching, then buying and taking the inoculation). Without Cats and Dogs, you can’t access the new pet outfits and the pet objects in buy mode become décor items, though the sims CAS items can be used, as can the rest of the build/buy items. I find the build/buy items to be quirky and mostly suitable for toddlers’ and kids’ rooms, which is why I think this is a family friendly pack.

I’ve not categorized the rest😊:
Fitness Stuff: This adds some fitness videos to your TVs, the climbing treadmill (I tend to add this to community gym lots) and earphones (which has been patched to give sims fun😊). It did add a lot of fitness wear which I use a lot.  I also frequently use the shower and tub that came with it since they are high stats (hygiene, reliability, etc.) for a comparably low cost.

Cool Kitchen Stuff: Adds an ice cream maker which I use to have my sims make Taste of Diet ice cream which can help your sims lose weight very quickly (I find it takes two bowls/cones).  If you have Dine Out, you can add ice cream to your menu (it comes with a lot of flavours). It also adds some nice décor items for decorating kitchens and it comes with quite a lot of CAS items for teen and up (I recently compared a bunch of stuff packs as someone was asking me which packs came with the most CAS items, and at that time this was near or at the top).

Movie Stuff: Adds the popcorn maker and some movies your sims can watch on any TV as well as a lot of boho CAS/build/buy items (I use these quite often when playing). Some people have created ‘movie theaters’ though there isn’t a specific lot type for movies.

Bowling Night Stuff: Gives you the ability to add bowling lanes to bars, nightclubs and lounges (i.e. there is no specific lot type for bowling). It added a 5-level bowling skill that kids and up can learn. I find it takes a while to actually bowl, but it did add a lot of mostly bowling inspired build/buy items to the game. I do use the CAS items quite a lot.

Laundry Day Stuff: This is the stuff pack that was made with input from the community. It adds laundry (as the name indicates) in the form of a washer and a dryer, as well as a wash tub that sims can use to wash laundry by hand and a drying line. If your sims use the wash tub to do laundry they will build their fitness skill.  There are also three types of hampers that you can interact with. The need to do laundry will only trigger if you add one of these laundry items to your lot and unlike in Sims 3, you only need one hamper to collect the laundry from anywhere on the lot (though it may get full very quickly, so you may want to add more depending on how many sims you have in your household. It also adds some nice build/buy/CAS items, including a round six-seater table.

Vintage Glamour Stuff: Gives sims the ability to hire a butler and a vanity table that sims can interact with to add temporary make up (this doesn’t replace the makeup given to them in CAS and I believe goes away when they shower, possibly when they sleep). It adds build/buy/CAS items in the theme of the pack, including 2 new double beds.

Luxury Party Stuff: This adds a buffet table and drink fountain as well as a few new recipes, sims with mischief skill can also be mischievous with the Drink Fountain. I find the buffet table can be useful for wedding lots and if your sims like to entertain a lot. It adds build/buy/CAS items in accordance with the theme (i.e. it adds more formal outfits in CAS 😊).

Spooky Stuff: Adds a new party (spooky party), a lot of costumes, which some people use for role play (pirate, fairies) a pumpkin carving table (builds handiness for teens and up, kids can also use) and an interactive candy bowl as well as a lot of build/buy items that suit the ‘spooky’ theme.

Moschino Stuff: Adds the new freelancer fashion photographer career, and the tripod, photo marks & a camera you unlock by maxing the career. It also adds two photography skill books and build/buy/cas items that suit the theme.  The tripod is a fun addition; if you use it, it means the photos will always be excellent (no more thumbs, blurry pictures or photo bombing gnomes), it gives you more poses, you can take up to 10 photos, you can change the pose and more freely change the angle of the photo you’re taking.

I have an overview video here:

Tiny Living Stuff: Adds the new lot type ‘Tiny Home Residential’, the murphy bed and the all in one television, bookcase and stereo.  The murphy bed adds the chance of death and a new ghost type if a sim is killed by the murphy bed.  At the time of release the murphy bed breaks every time it is used (see report on EA AHQ ).  There are also mods to eliminate the chance of death, among other things.

There are three tiers to the new lot type, ‘micro home’ which is 4 to 32 tiles, ‘tiny home’, which is 33 to 64 tiles, and ‘small home’, which is 65 to 100 tiles.  As the lot gets smaller the property gets more advantages; see screenshot.


I have a couple of speed builds using the new lot type, including some ‘tips’ on how to add more space without increasing the number of tiles.

Nifty Knitting: This is the second stuff pack that was made with help from input from the sims community & the voted pack theme is ‘DIY Delight’. It comes with a new creative aspiration ‘Lady/Lord of the Knits’, the 10 level knitting skill which children can also learn (it will also help children’s motor skill at the same time if that has not been maxed).  As sims increase their knitting skill it unlocks additional things that can be knit, including baby onesies. When a sim completes the knitting aspiration they unlock the ability to knit a yarnie toy & the forbidden sweater and the ability to dispel the sweater curse.  It also adds Plopsy, which allows sims to advertise things they knit, as well as other things sims craft (paintings & woodworking sculptures {base game}, flower arrangements {Seasons}, candles {Eco Lifestyle}) for a small fee. For those with Parenthood, knitting also helps children and teens with their emotional control. 

Sims 4 Game Packs

I think the Sims Team has done a great job with the game packs and I enjoy them all. I find they all add a lot to the game, but again whether it’s a fit for you depends on what you like to do in your game.😊

If you like family play, then I would recommend Parenthood as it adds a lot to family play, including new interactions and with the use of the family bulletin board the ability to give curfews (but it’s for all the kids in the house, regardless of age, but it’s also optional). It adds new character values which toddlers through teens can work on and earn when they age up to young adult (manners, responsibility, empathy, emotional control and conflict resolution, either positive or negative depending on the actions as a toddler through teen). It also adds a new family aspiration (for parents/caregivers) and it makes it a lot easier for a sim caregiver to influence their children to do things, which is very handy if you are doing challenges that don’t let you control them directly (such as Drifter Challenge).  It also adds a lot of nice CAS/build/buy items which I use a lot.

While I use all the features from Parenthood in many of my Let’s Plays, including my Drifter Challenge & Foster Child Challenge, I have a completed Let’s Play that was specifically for the Parenthood Game Pack, here’s a link to playlist:

I also did a two part tutorial on the benefits of having positive Parenthood values and how to get them, here’s a link to the first part:

There are two vacation packs, Outdoor Retreat and Jungle Adventures.
My favourite game pack is Outdoor Retreat because I like to do challenges and it is used in a lot of challenges (more so than any other game pack) and I use it myself when I do Rags to Riches challenges as the tent, portable shower and cooler can come in handy for those.  I also like to use the cloud gaze/star gaze interaction to make my Sims inspired and if you do it with another sim it helps build their friendship very easily. The Carl Sims 4 Guide it mentions that it added three reward traits, one of which is ‘Incredibly Friendly’ (it costs 2000 reward points) which I often get my sims as it makes making friends so much easier.  This pack also comes with one new (nature) aspiration, one new trait and one new skill (the herbalism skill). I also like to use Granite Falls as a destination for family vacations and honeymoons. The world of Granite Falls comes with a rental neighbourhood with 5 rental lots, one of which is a camp site.  It also has the National Park and the hidden lot for the hermit that you access from the National Park.  The rental lots and the hermit’s hidden lot require the bb.enablefreebuild cheat to edit while your sims are on the lot. I do use the CAS/build/buy items, but I like and use build/buy items from most of the other packs a bit more (apart from some of the terrain plants, which I do use quite often from Outdoor Retreat.

I have a tutorial on how to find the Hermit, here’s a link:

I’m really enjoying Jungle Adventures and if you max the new archaeology skill that comes with the pack it can be a real money maker (as can exploring the temple). It fits well if you have Outdoor Retreat as the tent, portable shower and cooler can come in very handy when you are exploring, and you can also use the insect repellant and deodorizing cream you can craft with the herbalism skill. The vacation world of Selvadorada is very large, even more so when you include the jungle that you need to explore (and the areas are shown on the map with a ‘?’ as you always have to explore to find them). It also adds two new lot traits, two new aspirations (one knowledge & one nature), two new collections and a few more collectibles to existing base game collections (fish, fossils and crystals). It also works really well if you like to build your sim’s skills as certain skills (gardening, fishing, handiness, logic, rocket science and charisma, as well as the two new skills, archaeology and the local culture skill) help you do better when exploring the jungle and the temple. The CAS/build/buy items work well with the theme and I love the new display case you can use to display collectibles that came with this pack.

I did a Let’s Play exploring Jungle Adventures, here’s a link:

I also have a three part tutorial with some tips on Jungle Adventures, here’s a link to the first in the playlist: TutorialThumb10_JA_pt1_PrepFB

Spa Day:
Spa Day adds the new wellness skill and the items you need for it (yoga mat, meditation stool, massage chair and massage table). It comes with a few pre-built spas that you can add to any world, but you can also add the spa items to any gym, including existing ones in the world and the massage therapist and yoga instructor will come to those lots (so they function as both a spa and a gym). You can also have your female sims get a fertility massage which is supposed to increase their chances of getting pregnant (for a window of time) and increase the chances of multiples. I use the CAS/build/buy items from Spa Day quite a lot.

Dine Out:
Dine Out is great if you want to run restaurants and it can be fun to take your sims to restaurants, though dining can take a lot of time. You can own more than one restaurant and unlike retail stores that come with Get to Work, they can run when you aren’t there, though they are likely to lose stars. Your sims can manage the restaurant, but they can’t be the chef, host or wait staff, and neither can any of your household members. It still is challenging to try and get a 5-star restaurant. I use the build/buy/CAS items from Dine Out quite often, especially the décor items.

Vampires is great if you like vampires as they did a very good job with them in this iteration of the game. This pack also added the small world of Forgotten Hollow which comes with 5 lots, one is empty, 2 are occupied and 2 are unoccupied.

Vampires can level up in rank, and as they level up in rank they can add strengths and weaknesses. Only teens and up display their powers, and once they reach young adult they stop aging (or they stop when they are turned). This pack comes with three aspirations (family, knowledge and popularity).  It also adds the 15-level vampire lore skill and the 10 level Organ skill. If you don’t want vampires to ‘feed’ on your sims and night, locking the door can help, though I’ve had my sims mesmerized and come outside. I tend to have my non vampire sims learn enough vampire lore to buy garlic (and plant it at their doors) and to make garlic wreaths. I have also had my sims (vampire and non vampire) make a lot of money by maxing their vampire lore skill, planting the necessary ingredients and making and selling the cure and the draught of reconfiguration (you can sell it into your inventory, but the real money maker is if you sell it with a 300% mark up on the yard sale table, which comes with City Living and Jungle Adventures). The build/buy items add a lot of Victorian items, as well as wall/window decals & spider webs you can use to make houses look decrepit. The CAS items are also in keeping with this theme, though even so, I still find I use a few items quite regularly.

I have a Rags to Riches series that focused on Vampires, here’s a link to the playlist: ThumbV2RtoRPt01


StrangerVille is quite different from other game packs as it adds a story/mystery that your sims can play through.  EA has made it so that the ‘possessed sims’ are only supposed to be in the new world of StrangerVille that comes with the pack.  If you want to completely remove any signs of the mystery, you need to play through the mystery and the Strangerville Mystery aspiration has been added to help guide you through it (it’s found under the Location type of aspiration). That said, if you don’t want to play through the mystery, apart from having a few possessed sims in the StrangerVille world and some harmless strange plants around, there’s not much impact on game play until you start investigating.  The new world is quite large for a game pack; it has 11 editable lots and one special, not editable lot (unless you add use a mod).  It also adds the aforementioned  aspiration and a trait (paranoid) that fit with the theme of the pack.

The pack also adds the military career, which your sims can choose to work from home or go into work (then it’s like the other rabbit hole careers).  It also adds new build/buy/cas items, including laptops (2 versions, one entry level & one better quality) that can be dragged into your sim’s inventory and taken with you though it has to be placed on a table, desk or island counter to be used, sims are unable to use it in their lap.

I have a completed mini Let’s Play where one of my sims completed the StrangerVille Mystery if you’d like to check it out.  Th01StrVilleFB

Realm of Magic:

Realm of Magic added the new occult, Spellcasters.  Sims can be created as spellcasters in CAS, in the game or they can be born as spellcasters.  There is no new skill but there are 24 spells from three different types of magic (Practical, Mischief and Untamed) and 15 potions sims can learn.  Similar to vampires, spellcasters rank up and as they do, they earn points that they can use to buy perks.  Unlike vampires, spellcasters do not have to choose weaknesses, but they can be cursed when doing magic, brewing or drinking potions since the spells and potions have a chance of failing.  A spellcaster can have up to three curses at one time, though there is a spell and a potion that can be used to remove them (though these can fail and result in more curses).

If a sim is born a spellcaster, they can’t use any powers until they are teens, though those born as spellcasters can have one of the three new traits that came with the game, weak bloodline, strong bloodline and ancient bloodline. These traits affect how quickly they rank up as spellcasters and how many perk points they earn as they rank up. There are also two new aspirations with this pack (one knowledge and one nature).

This pack came with the new world of Glimmerbrook which has 5 lots, 2 are occupied, one is a bar, one is empty (with a few trees) and the other is unoccupied.  It also comes with Magic HQ which you access through the magic portal in Glimmerbrook or through a spellcaster’s ‘glimmerstone’ which can be found in their personal inventory.

This pack adds CAS/build/buy items that fit with the magic theme, including a cauldron for making potions and even a few cooked meals, including mac & cheese.

I find making my sims spellcasters helps when them get to class on time as university students if you have the Discover University Expansion pack.

I have a Rags to Riches Let’s Play for Realm of Magic, here’s a link to the play list:



Sims 4 Expansion Packs


Get to Work:

As you may know, Get to Work adds 3 active careers (Scientist, Detective and Doctor) and the ability to run your own retail business which is of course a big feature. With the active careers you get the choice to go to work with your sim or just send them like it is a rabbit hole.  It adds aliens, and the ability to be abducted by them, with a possibility for males to come back pregnant with an alien baby (the bassinet gives you the option to send back to the home world, but this can only be done while they are babies). It adds the small world of Magnolia Promenade with 4 retail lots, the three work lots (science lab in one neighborhood and hospital and police station in another, these can be accessed when you go to work) and the hidden alien world Sixam. It also adds illness; you can cure illness with medicine purchased on the computer. You can also help treat symptoms with tea, juice or rest, you do not go to the hospital to cure your illness. With the advent of the doctor career, this pack also adds the ability to have your baby at the hospital (you get a ‘birth certificate’ when you do; this also can be purchased in debug). You also get the 10-level baking skill and it also adds a bunch of build/buy/CAS items.

I have a tutorial on how to get to Sixam, here’s a link:

I have a completed Let’s Play that examines the Scientist Career and aliens, here’s a link:

I also examine the Scientist Career in House 4 of the Drifter Challenge, here’s a link:

Get Together:

I love the large new world of Windenburg and the variety of townies that live there that came with Get Together. It currently is the largest world of all the packs released with 27 lots in total, 3 of which are special (Von Haunt Estate, The Bluffs & Ancient Ruins). 10 are community lots and 14 are residential (8 have households, 2 are empty and 3 are empty starter homes & the final is a more expensive empty home). Two of the occupied residential lots are 64×64 (I usually move the sims to another lot and bulldoze the houses when I want to use them 🙂).  It also adds special nights at clubs; singles night, ghost night, alien night (if you have Get to Work), and knight night to name a few. This pack added a new venue type ‘cafe’ and the espresso machine to go with that (two types, one two part one for regular counters and one for the special cafe bar). 

This pack came with one new aspiration and two new traits (Insider and Dance Machine).

I use the club system that came with GT for my households of 2 sims or more to help with skill building, among other things and it continues to be integrated into new packs and features as they get added. It can also be a useful tool to meet singles or just other sims with similar traits to your sims. The pack also added the 10 level DJ skill and the 5-level dancing skill. It also added 2 new woohoo spots (closet and bush) as well as a nice selection of build/buy objects I use frequently, not to mention the usual CAS items.

I have a tutorial video on how I use the Club System to help build skills; here’s a link: TutorialThumb02V2_GTClubs

City Living:

City Living comes with the city of San Myshuno with apartments and penthouses, as well as some new townies to go with this new world both of which are fun to play with. While you can edit the interior of the apartments, including moving any interior walls, you cannot build your own apartments, either in the city or in other worlds. I do find the noisy neighbours that you get with apartments can be annoying after a while, though if you are not opposed to using mods, I believe there is a mod that you can use to stop this.  You can also evict all your neighbours and make sure lots don’t get automatically filled to avoid that.

You can fully edit penthouses, but can not add basements to them.  I use the additional lot traits that came with the pack as I find some very useful (for example the ley line trait is great if you want your sims to have twins).

I like the festivals (Spice Festival, Romance Festival, Humor & Hijinks Festival, GeekCon, and the Flea Market) and the 10-level singing skill and karaoke is fun. The produce stands that pop up in the City are also handy to buy certain ‘plants’ from that you can in turn plant, though they are fairly pricey.  This is especially helpful since the gardening overhaul makes it harder to harvest plants in the wild, even more so if you have the Seasons expansion pack in your game.  This pack adds one new aspiration (Location: City Native). It also adds three new careers, Social Media, Critic and Politician. Your sims can work from home with these careers and all three careers have two different branches they split into. The build/buy/CAS items that came with the game are also very nice and I use the street gallery to sell paintings (you can have street sales in any world, not just San Myshuno) and the yard sale table to sell things too, both can be a great way to make money when your sims are ‘self employed’.

I have a tutorial on using the Street Gallery and the Yard Sale Table works the same way.

I did a Let’s Play on City Living; here’s a link to the playlist:CLThumbV4Ep30

Cats and Dogs:

Cats and Dogs adds the new world of Brindleton Bay, and cats and dogs as the name suggests. It also adds a new aspiration (Friend of the Animals) and a couple of traits (Cat Lover & Dog Lover). It also adds the ability to own and run a vet clinic as well as the vet skill to go with the clinic and a training skill to train the pets. You can’t control cats and dogs, and unlike in Sims 3 they take up a full slot in your household (in Sims 3 you could have up to 10 slots if 2 were pets). It adds some great CAS/build/buy items that I really like, though that pets themselves aren’t my favourite (I find the pet fears a bit annoying, dogs get dirty too much, taking walks takes forever, even short ones but at the same time I still add a cat or dog to most of my households ). Pets does tend to be a favourite expansion of the game, so if you are really into cats and dogs it’s probably a good addition to your game.

I have a couple of Cats and Dogs Let’s Plays which are now finished; here are the links: In the first one my sims buy and run a vet clinic, as well as complete the new animal aspiration and in the second one I explore Cats and Dogs in a family setting.


Seasons adds ‘seasons’ as the name indicates, weather and the new calendar system with customizable holidays. It adds a gardening career which has two branches, which is like the City Living careers where you can work from home. There is no new world, but the existing worlds all got overhauled to allow for Seasons. It added the new 10 level flower arranging skill & new plants (mostly flowers but a couple that can be eaten). It also added more activities; skating rink (both ice/roller), swings, sprinkler, toddler wading pool to name a couple. It also adds the Scout after school activity that’s available for both children and teens; if they max it by collecting all the badges they will get a trait ‘scouting aptitude’ which is supposed to boost skill gain (*per the Carl’s Sims 4 site, it is a 25% boost). There were also three new NPCs added, Father Winter, the Flower Bunny and Patchy (you unlock by buying the scarecrow in buy mode and building a relationship with him). One of my favourite features is the Money Tree that you can buy with 5,000 reward points.  Once it matures it will produce ‘fruit’, which can be sold off the tree but not harvested, with a starting value of approx 8,000 simoleons. The pack also adds a bunch of build/buy/CAS items that suit the theme of Seasons.

I have a Let’s Play on Seasons that is now finished; here’s a link:

Link to Carl’s Sims 4 site re: scouting:

Get Famous:

Get Famous added the new world of Del Sol Valley which has three neighbourhoods; one with 5 community lots and the other two are residential, one with 2 starter homes and an empty lot and the other with 3 ‘celebrity’ homes.  It also adds the celebrity or fame system which can apply to all sims and across all packs, not just acting, and the reputation system which is separate from fame.  Your sims can either get a ‘good’ or ‘bad’ reputation and there are levels as to how good or bad it can be.  I’ve only played with the ‘good’ aspect but have noticed if you get to the second tier (‘great’) it makes it much easier to get golds on social events, your sims will get job offers starting at level 3 through 5, it helps make friends easier and your sim will get asked on blind dates. It also adds the 10 level acting skill, the 5 level media skill, the Actor career, two new aspirations (Master Actress and World Famous Celebrity) and one new trait that sims can be given when you create them (Self absorbed) and new lot traits (two for community lots and one for residential lots). Drama Club is a new after school activity that has been added for children and teens, though if you have Seasons you have to chose between it and Scouts even though they run at different times. This pack also adds two new aspirations (Creativity: Master Actress and Popularity: World-Famous Celebrity) and a new trait (self absorbed).

The pack adds a bunch of build/buy/CAS items that suit the theme of Get Famous, including the new fish pond that can be stocked with three types of fish, including piranhas and sharks or with sprites.  It also adds a vault which is a new woohoo spot if you add enough money to it.

I have a Let’s Play on Get Famous that has now ended; here’s a link:

GetFamousRtoRThumb01FBv1aMy Seasons Let’s Play, which is linked above, also takes a brief look at how Get Famous can affect existing families starting from part 39.

Island Living:

Island Living added the island world of Sulani which has three neighbourhoods with 14 lots in total, three that are community lots (one bar and two beach lots, which is a new lot type).  This pack added the ability to wade and swim in open water, which included some water lot types, which are unique to Island Living.  There are dolphins you can befriend, you can beach comb for treasure, collect shells and you can build sand castles.  This pack added three new lot traits (Oceanic Paradise which is locked to certain lots, Island Spirits and Volcanic Activity). It also added two new traits for sims (Child of the Island and Child of the Ocean) and a new aspiration, Beach Life which if you complete you earn the trait ‘Laid Back’; if sims earn this trait they will never become tense. There is also a waterfall on the island of Mua Pe’lam that sims can woohoo in.

This pack adds new jobs, one full time and three part time.  The full time career is Conservationist, and it has  two branches.  As a conservationist you can choose to work from home or go into work (as a rabbit hole), and one goal is to improve Mua Pe’lam.  There are two stages to improving Mua Pe’lam and you will notice a difference as you reach the two stages.  This pack also added three part time careers, lifeguard, which is available for teen and up and fisherman and diver, which are only available from young adult and up.

Island Living adds a new occult type, Mermaid.  You can create them in CAS or sims can eat mermaidic kelp to turn into a mermaid.  Mermaids can also eat the mermaidic kelp to revert to a normal lifespan.

The pack adds a bunch of build/buy/CAS items that suit the theme of Island Living, including a new wedding arch, boats (aqua zip and canoes).

While Sulani is a residential world, not a vacation destination, if you have Get to Work, Dine Out or Cats and Dogs you can use those business options to buy a second ‘lot’ to use as a vacation home and I examine that in my Get Famous Let’s Play, which is linked above, takes a brief look at Island Living from a ‘vacation’ perspective.

I have a Let’s Play on Island Living that is currently ongoing; here’s a link:

Discover University:

Discover University added the new world of Britechester which comes with three neighbourhoods; one for each of the two Universities added with the pack, Foxbury Institute and Britechester University (UBrite) and one for the town.  The two university neighbourhoods have three university dorms (new lot type) which can be changed to other lot types from the world menu (and the university dorm lot type can be used anywhere) and one ‘commons’ for the university.  The ‘town’ of Britechester comes with five lots, one is a bar, one is a library and three are residential, one of the residential lots is empty, the other two are occupied (one is occupied by the Pleasant twins from Sims 2).

This pack comes with one new knowledge aspiration (Academic). There are new lot types, including the aforementioned University Housing and two new lot traits.  While there are no sororities or fraternities with the pack, both universities have three organizations that sims can join if they attend the university.  There is also a secret society that any university student can attend if they get invited.

The university classes themselves are rabbit holes, though the organization events themselves are active.

This pack comes with two new skills, robotics and research & debate. It also comes with three new work from home careers (Law, Engineering and Teaching, all three have separate branches).  Getting a university degree will help you start ahead in the careers they relate to, which is specified up front when you apply. A sim can start anywhere from level 6 to 8 if the degree relates to it, where they start depends on their grade average and if they did a regular or distinguished degree.  A sim needs to complete 12 courses to do a degree and each term takes 5 business days (so essentially a week since there are no classes on weekends).  If a sim chooses to enroll a second time they will only need to do 8 or 9 courses for their subsequent degrees (from what I can gather, 8 if they did a distinguished degree and 9 if they did a regular degree).

Along with the robotics skill, this pack adds the new occult ‘servos’, which must be built and can’t be created in CAS.

The pack adds a bunch of build/buy/CAS items that suit the theme of Discover University, including robotics station that you can use to build bots and servos, a high end laptop and the new Research and Development machine.

I have two Let’s Plays for Discover University, one is a Rags to Riches LP and the sim is attending Britechester, link to the playlist is here:

The other is with my oldest child from Island Living and he is attending Foxbury, link to the playlist is here:

Eco Lifestyle:

Eco Lifestyle adds a new world, Evergreen Harbor, which comes with three new neighbourhoods, two of which have small apartment buildings, previously only found in City Living. All three neighbourhoods also have a Community Space lot, the new lot type ‘Community Space’ that comes with the pack. This can be changed in game through voting to be one of three options, Community Garden, Maker Space and Marketplace. You can also vote on Neighbourhood Action Plans (‘NAPs’), which will impact your sim’s neighbourhood. Some will encourage your neighbourhood to become greener, others just encourage various actions. I have a blog post that goes over some of the current issues with the pack, and commonly with NAPs, the link is here:

This pack comes with two new aspirations, one creative (Master Maker) and one nature (Eco Innovator) and new sim traits, Maker, Freegan, Green Fiend and Recycle Disciple. There are new lot traits, that suit the pack theme, they are Reduce and Recycle, Natural Well, Geothermal, Eco Lot and Landfill Lot.

This pack comes with two new skills, fabrication (10 levels) and juice fizzing (5 levels). It also adds the work from home Civil Designer career (with two branches) and the freelancer Maker career.

The pack adds a bunch of build/buy/CAS items that suit the theme of Eco Lifestyle, including the recycler, fabricator, candle making station, juice fizzer and items to help generate power (solar panels & windmills) and water (dew collector).

I have a rags to riches Let’s Play for Eco Lifestyle, link to the playlist is here:

Sims 4 DLC (Downloadable Content)

I see a lot of people ask for recommendations on what pack to buy for Sims 4 so this is my introduction to the three types and some sources for detailed information on the packs. I also have a brief write up on each of the packs currently available, which also link to my Let’s Plays, Challenges or tutorials for some of the packs. For those trying to decide, they will follow in separate blog points, which I also link here.😊

Expansion Packs:
Game Packs:
Stuff Packs:

Keep in mind there are three types of packs, or DLC (downloadable content) for The Sims 4. The three types are expansion, game and stuff pack. I attach a screenshot from EA’s site summarizing the difference between the three types of packs, as well as a link to their site. 00EASumofPackTypes

The best pack for you, be it expansion, game or stuff pack, really depends on how you like to play. For example, someone who likes to play with families will probably prefer something different than someone who likes occult sims or from someone who mainly likes to build, etc.

If you want to see a detailed look at each Sims 4 DLC, I find the Carl Sims 4 Guide is a good source, this covers all expansion and game packs as well as stuff packs up to Vintage Glamour, so I’d recommend them as a source to look through to help you in your decision.

If you want to see what comes in each pack, ie cas/build/buy items, Origin will show you or you can look on YouTube for reviews as the reviewers usually show you what comes in the pack.