Surprise SDX & Expected Timing & Content of Jun 14/22 Game Update (Sims 4)

See my video overview here

This blog post includes links & summarizes what was in the video::

I) June 13/22 Surprise SDX
II) June 14/22 Game Update (expected timing, what’s expected in it & how to prepare, &
III) Random Tweets re Items in the Werewolves Game Pack (Jun 13/22).

1) Surprise SDX (June 13/22):

FYI, if you go in your game you will see there is an SDX, this is just to prepare the game for tomorrow’s update, no new content was added per this tweet by the Sims. But it looks like we’re getting meteors to go along with the new ‘back pocket observatory’ (i.e. the new telescope, see below for more information on that!)

II) June 14/22 Game Update

Expected Timing

The usual time for game updates is 10 am Pacific, here’s a screenshot of when that is in a few time zones:

Link for when that will be in your own time zone.

What’s Expected in the Update

A) New Stuff:

1) New telescope

2) Lunar cycles

Lunar cycles affect werewolves (and other occults) more than regular sims, but regular sims are impacted a bit too. Kids can ask about the lunar cycles.  You can customize lunar cycles, i.e. their length, freeze it on one cycle and turn it off completely.

Screenshot from Livestream
Screenshot from Livestream
Screenshot from Livestream

3) New beard

Screenshot from livestream, same beard, two different angles:

4) Two new terrain paints

Note new items added to base game do not show with a ‘new’ flag.

B) Bug Fixes from May 31 Laundry list

Laundry list link

How to Prepare

Basic Steps to Prepare for Computer Players

* Before you update:

1) Make a back up of your saves
2) Move your mods folder to your desktop

After you update:

3) Repair your game in Origin
4) Delete your localthumbcache file

* for more details see my tutorial video

⚠️Reminder: Mods & CC are automatically disabled with most updates⚠️

If you want to temporarily avoid the update, turn off automatic updates & go offline with Origin.

Forum Mod post tracking impact of Jun 14 game update on mods:

Note Luth is on vacation until Thursday per this tweet:

III) Random Tweets re Items in the Werewolves Game Pack (Jun 13/22):

New ‘night light’! (Link to tweet)

Information on the new ‘bus object’ (Link to tweet):

Link to my blog post overview of the Sims 4 Werewolves livestream.

Contact Me:

If you have any questions, need troubleshooting help or want to share your own Sims game play with other friendly Simmers please head over to my Facebook group, Sims Sanctuary or my Discord


My Wedding Stories Issues & Workarounds & Mods to Help the Issues (Sims 4)

I thought I’d create a post that has information on issues and workarounds/mods to help with wedding ceremonies in the new My Wedding Stories game pack.

Wedding Ceremonies

My Wedding Stories has a lot of bugs and doesn’t seem to work properly. That said, I’ve been able to hold a successful wedding ceremony, even without using mods, see my video here to see that in action (and to see some of the issues 😊 )

If you’d like to see it, part 1 shows my set up of the wedding.

Here’s a link to my video where I show how weddings turn out with the use of some of the mods I mention in the mods section below. 😊

⚠️Note if you use the TOOL mod, there was an update for it to be compatible with the new world without the update you can’t see the new word. ⚠️

Issues and Some Work Arounds:

I will try to link to individual EA AHQ reports, but here’s a link to the general bug section for Sims 4:

Sims can’t get married with an officiant: If your sims can’t get married if they try to use an officiant, the action will hang. Cancel/reset your sims and choose either say vows or say vows and kiss. Do not choose an option with an officiant. I recommend not asking anyone to be an officiant at all, I noticed that my sim of honour, etc. didn’t stick when I asked a sim to be an officiant. I think this may be the EA AHQ report for this issue:

Wedding cakes will spoil, even if they are put in the fridge. See mods (one by Ravasheen & in Bienchen’s mod batch) linked in the mod area that can help with that. Alternatively, if a sim with the ‘fresh chef’ trait makes the cake, it will never spoil. You get this trait by completing the chef aspiration, or you can use the cheat ‘traits.equip_trait Trait_FreshChef’ to add it to one of your sims, just make sure cheats are on (‘testingcheats on’ or ‘testingcheats true’, don’t include the quotes for any of the cheats noted here).

Cut the cake doesn’t work, unless you place it in the middle of a round dining table (thanks to Bienchen for that tip). Feeding cake to your spouse will also complete the tradition.

Guests don’t show up in wedding attire (this has a bug report on EA AHQ). Carl’s mod, linked below, can help with this or alternatively you can use Bienchen’s mod, also mentioned below (you need to choose one or the other as they conflict).

Only one sim can walk down the aisle, action will freeze if you try to get two sims to walk down together. I recommend only using one sim to walk down the aisle, or I have had luck sending two sims ‘up’ the aisle. Carl’s mod helps with this too.

Can’t walk down the aisle with a wedding bouquet. EA AHQ report. I just recommend not using a bouquet when you walk down an aisle, or if you can/do use mods, this is also fixed with Carl’s mod.

Issues with doing a toast: If you want to do a toast, have your sim request someone else to toast, this will complete the tradition.

Can’t toss bouquet: I have had success throwing the bouquet when you specify who is to catch it. If you are having problems, try resetting the sim who is doing the bouquet throw.

My Wedding Stories Laundry List:

Note that EA released a My Wedding Stories Laundry List on March 3, 2022 which listed some of the things they are working on and hope to have in a game update soon, though this will follow an already planned update that will precede it. I expect the planned update will be for the release of the next unnamed Kit. See my video on that.

Mods to Help With My Wedding Stories:

Note choose which wedding fix mod you want to use as they will conflict with each other. So either use the Carl Sims wedding fix mod, Zero’s wedding fix mod, or the appropriate Bienchen mods.

Carl Sims Wedding Fix Mod:

Carl Sims has released a new version of his mod that adds base game weddings pack if you have the pack, among other things. Here’s the link if you use mods (you need both files and script mods need to be enabled, the latest version was released Feb 28). Just place these mods directly in your mods folder, they do not need to be unzipped.

Screenshot with details on what Carl’s mod fixes (the final version has all the fixes in the prior versions).

Details on what Carl’s mod fixes (the final version has all the fixes in the prior versions)

TwistedMexis Dual Wedding Systems Mod:

If you just want to add base game weddings back, TwistedMexis has what he calls a ‘light weight mod’ that let’s you do that. Now available to the public.

Ravasheen Cake a Break Mod:

Ravasheen has a mod for cakes, you can buy all cakes (for packs you have), they will be excellent and never spoil.

Bienchen Batch Mods that Includes Mods that Help with MWS:

Bienchen has released some mods to help with My Wedding Stories issues – available as a batch download. The batch download also has a notes file to explain what is there. I took all the english notes and compiled them into a document, which I’ve also included a screenshot of below, along with notes from Bienchen from the forums post. There are a number that tweak or fix issues with the pack, you just need to choose the ones you want. They are all zipped so you need to unzip the ones you want.

English Only Version of Bienchen notes for 20220228 Batch Download

Alternatively, these mods are all now located at Bienchen’s site, so you can pick and choose which mods you want to download. At a glance, I’ve found them either under My Wedding Stories category: with some more under her Miscellaneous Mods category:
and the food related ones under her Food category (wedding cake fix under :

Zero’s MWS Mods:

This first mod by Zero lets you use the mailbox to ask sims to fill roles in your wedding.

This second link has mods by Zero that help with MWS wedding issues, though it seems to me that some/all of these issues are fixed by Carl’s mods and as I mentioned at the beginning of this section the mods that fix the wedding bugs will quite likely conflict.

Mod Description by Zero

Chipped Sims Wedding Tweaks Mods:

Wedding tweaks and pets as flower pals:

Updated, now lets you use small dogs:

Extended Tartosa vendor hours:

Gameplay Improvements by MissyHissy:

Let’s you hold base game weddings at wedding venues (this is for base game, not MWS):

Lets you throw engagement and rehearsal dinners at restaurants, but there’s a limit of 8 sims who can be seated together (Dine Out limitation):

I hope you found this post helpful! If you have any questions or want to share your own Sims game play with other Simmers head over to my Facebook group, or my discord,

#MyWeddingStories #GameBugs #MyWeddingStoriesIssues

Sims 4 Rags to Riches Guidelines


Link to my Sims 4 Rags to Riches Tutorial Series:

Basic Premise of the Challenge:

Your sim, or sims, start with nothing on an empty lot and the goal is to become ‘rich’.  You can define what ‘rich’ is, just set this up front.  I often have at least one sim complete the fortune aspiration, which means they need to earn 200,000.

Note ‘Rags to Riches’ is often referred to as ‘R2R’. 

How Do You Start With Nothing?

  1. Using cheats, first open the cheats console to turn cheats on
      • ‘testingcheats on’ or ‘testingcheats true’
      • Then type ‘money 0’
  2. If you do not want to use cheats, add your sim to an existing household or create an extra sim you don’t plan on using. Move them into an existing lot (it can have a home) and then use the ‘split from household’ option and make sure the sim moving has enough money + 1 simoleon for an empty lot (the two cheapest lots in Newcrest are 1,500, so give them 1,501). See my updated tutorial on splitting from households if you’d like to see it in action:

Frequently Asked Questions (‘FAQ’):

  1. Can your sim have a job? Usually not to start with, and I generally find sims make more money collecting, etc than a low-level, rabbit hole career. A good time for a sim to get a job is once you’ve built them a starting home.
  2. Does the challenge require the use of mods? The use of mods is not required and if you want to use mods (or custom content), it’s recommended not to use any that will give you an advantage over someone not using them (i.e. create a sim custom content would have no impact however furniture custom content that is less expensive than it’s in game content, especially if it has higher stats would give an advantage).
  3. How many sims do you start with? That is up to you, most people start with one, though I sometimes start with more than one, it depends on what I’m trying to do with the challenge.
  4. Is there a specified age for your starting sim (or sims)? Again, that is up to you. You will need a teen or older to create a valid household in Sims 4. I often start with a teen and to make it harder, make them go to school so they have less time each day to earn money.😊
  5. What lifespan should you use? That is up to you, you can use short, normal, long or turn aging off.
  6. Can you use cheats for needs? No, since one of the goals of the challenge is to see if your sim can survive when starting with nothing.
  7. How does your sim survive with nothing?  Re: earning money, I find it’s best to start with fishing and collecting to try and get money & when you can find some harvestables, start a garden. You can also take photos and sell that into your inventory.  Re: looking after themselves, sims can sleep on benches, eat produce, or cook on the BBQs in the world after you sell something from collecting. I will have more details in my separate video on this. 😊
  8. Can I add things to community lots to help my sim? The general rule is no, especially if it is something that doesn’t make sense it should be there.  I do often add a potty chair since usually in real life a toddler can use a toilet with help.
  9. Can my sims visit sims’ houses to help meet their needs? Generally, no, though I have seen some R2R challenges where they can  do so once a week if they are good friends. Though usually sims will ask your sim to leave unless they have the ‘always welcome’ trait.
  10. Can I keep the money a sim brings when they move into my home? Usually no since the goal is to earn the money, not to bring it into the household when you add another sim. To accomplish this, you will either have to make sure the sim you are moving in lives with another sim who is teen or older or if they don’t, make sure to choose the option ‘sell furniture’ and use cheats to reset the household funds to where they were before they moved in (see cheats from how to set funds to zero when starting)
  11. Impact of different packs on the R2R challenge? I’m working on doing R2R video tutorials by pack for any packs that impact on the challenge, including how to survive with the impact of weather that comes with Seasons. These videos will be added to the playlist linked at the top of this page as they get released.

As you may have gathered from the answers to the FAQ, the general idea is that if something makes it easier, usually you don’t do it. That said, it’s your game and your challenge, so it needs to suit you and the main goal is to have fun!

Suggestions for Additional Rules or Goals to Add to Make it More Challenging:

  1. Add the lot trait ‘off the grid’ and have your sims earn and ‘pay’ (using cheats’) the value of the lot to ‘connect to the grid’
  2. Don’t let your sims travel from their starting neighbourhood until they have a predetermined amount of funds (e.g. 1,000, as used in the ‘Drifter Challenge’)
  3. Make it more challenging;
    1. only let your sims earn money from predetermined things. e.g. writing, programming, fishing, gardening, music.  Some things let your sims earn more money than others.  When I do this, I usually set a predetermined amount that sims can earn money from other things once they’ve reached that goal as I don’t like to be limited in what my sims can do/earn money from.
    2. Don’t let your sims sell things into their inventory (examples that work with that are writing, programming, music. Also, if you have certain packs you can sell things from retail (Get to Work), yard sale table (City Living/Jungle Adventures) or the Street Gallery (City Living)

These are just guidelines for the basic concept of the challenge and some tweaks you can do to make it your own. 

If you have any questions, feel free to comment here or to head over to my Facebook page,

Alternatively, you can come join my Facebook group and share how you do in this challenge, or in anything sims related, be it sim creation, sim builds or your sims stories &/or challenges! It’s also a great place to ask any sim related questions, including questions about rags to riches or other challenges, that either I, or other members can try to answer. Sims Sanctuary

Challenge and Playlist Links:

There are a couple of challenges, such as Rosebud and the Rags to Riches Mega Challenge that have more details and rules and others that use the concept which I’ll link below. I also have a number of Rags to Riches Challenges Let’s Plays which I will also link below.

Rags to Riches Links:

  1. Rosebud by EuphorialQueen (meet the in-game achievement to have a household worth 1,000,000, this includes the value of the lot):
  2. Mega Rags to Riches on ModtheSims (has certain goals before you can build, etc.):

Some other challenges, including their links, that use the Rags to Riches Concept:

  1. Runaway Teen Challenge (teen has run away from home and starts with nothing):
  2. Abandoned Children Challenge (start with a teen with a younger sibling who have been abandoned with nothing):
  3. Nomad Challenge (you can start with a couple or a single sim who start with nothing & they can’t buy/build anything that’s not portable until the first collection is completed, this requires Outdoor Retreat.  The overall goal is to complete all the collections, over as many generations as it takes, and build a museum on the lot to house it.  This includes having a perfect garden with at least one of each type of plant.):
  4. Single Dad Challenge (a father with no money/home is left with a baby/babies to raise, this has some preliminary play where you have the baby before the actual challenge starts):
  5. Drifter Challenge (which has 24 ‘Houses’ which you can do all, or most and then it becomes a bit like a legacy or you can do one or more ‘houses’ as stand-alone challenges but you usually start with nothing for each house and each house has its’ own set of goals):
    My overview:

YouTube playlist links for Rags to Riches (or their equivalent) Challenge Let’s Plays that I have:

Rosebud (completed):

Rags to Riches: Vampire Edition (completed):

Rags to Riches: Toddler Edition (single mom in the city with twin toddlers; completed):

Runaway Teen in the City (completed):

Abandoned Kids Challenge (completed):

Rags to Riches: Get Famous Edition (completed):

Homeless Musician Challenge (completed):

Rags to Riches: Realm of Magic Edition (completed):

Rags to Riches: Discover University Edition (completed):

Rags to Riches: Eco Lifestyle Edition (completed):

Rags to Riches: Snowy Escape Edition (completed):

Paranormal: Ghost Hunters Challenge (completed) (variation on the R2R theme):

Homeless Decorator Challenge:

Rags to Riches: Cottage Living Edition:

Spa Day Refresh:

Drifter Challenge (starting with House 1, currently on House 8):

Sims 4: Cost of Starting & Empty Base Game Lots

If you are moving your sim out of an existing lot and would like to know how much money they need to buy any starting (ie less than 20k simoleons) or empty lots, here are some screenshots with that information as well as some information re what is in the neighborhoods that can be useful if you are planning on doing a Rags to Riches challenge.

Keep in mind that if you want your sim to move into an empty lot they will need the value of the lot plus 1 simoleon as the game won’t allow them to move in with the exact amount.  If your sims are moving into a lot with anything of value of it, this includes landscaping, they will be able to move in with the exact value.

Keep in mind that for both Willow Creek and Oasis Springs the Commercial Districts have fishing, playground area and barbecues in the common, ie surrounding, area.  Oasis Springs even has a public bathroom in the common area.

Willow Creek:


Pendula View has a playground with public barbecues & public bathrooms in it’s neighbourhood as well as a community garden to the left of the empty Hallow Slough lot.

Courtyard Lane has public barbecues.

Foundry Cove has the tree that will give you access to Sylvan Glade (see my video tutorial for more information:

The surrounding neighourhood of Magnolia Blossom Park has barbecues by the water at the back and a public bathroom at the front of the park.

All neighbourhoods have fishing and collectibles including plants you can harvest if you stay in the neighbourhood long enough (and if it’s the correct season if you have Seasons).

Oasis Springs:



Parched Prospect has a little park with playground equipment for children, but none of the neighbourhoods in Oasis Springs have public bathrooms.

Both Bedrock Strait and Skyward Palms has fishing, Bedrock Strait also has a community garden with barbecues.

Acquisition Butte has a portal to the Hidden Grotto, Desert Bloom Park has a matching portal, however both portals need to be unlocked by a sim with level 10 handiness (see my video tutorial for more information on the Hidden Grotto: )

The surrounding neighourhood of Desert Bloom Park has barbecues and a public bathroom at the back of the park. It has fishing to the side and back of the park.

All neighbourhoods have collectibles including plants you can harvest if you stay in the neighbourhood long enough (and if it’s the correct season if you have Seasons).




Llama Lagoon has fishing, two sets of public bathrooms, one of which is at the playground with monkey bars and public barbecues, a jungle gym on the water between Twin Oracle Point and Rippling Flats and another public barbecue behind Tranquil Crescent.

Ridgeline Drive has no fishing but it does have a public barbecue area.

Bridgeview has one fishing spot and a playground with monkey bars and public barbecues.

All neighbourhoods have collectibles including plants you can harvest if you stay in the neighbourhood long enough (and if it’s the correct season if you have Seasons).