Highlights from the Sims 4 Werewolves June 10/22 Livestream

Link to their YouTube livestream and their Twitch vod.

Link to my highlights video.

Main Items Covered:

*Including Items Coming to Base Game

  • Create-a-Sim (‘CAS’)
  • World
  • Gameplay, including Lunar Cycles
  • Brief look at Build/Buy


Regular CAS:

Majority of assets are gender neutral
Two cute outfits for toddlers
Something for kids – showed hat, 3 hairstyles & one outfit but I wasn’t sure if that was everything.
One new aspiration in CAS (new category too), once you complete it, you unlock four other aspirations, so five in total.

New fuller beard coming to base game with update.

Werewolf CAS:

You can link/unlink forms
Werewolf fur has the same customizations that cats and dogs fur has
Werewolves can wear clothes or not
Werewolves don’t wear shoes
While toddler and up are considered werewolves, only teen and up have beast forms.

Some werewolf examples from the livestream

Note I included a sped up version of the CAS in my highlights video, this shows CAS items available for everyone & items for creating werewolves.


5 lots but large neighbourhood with various area.

Tweet with lot sizes (1)

and explanation of what’s in the world (2)


Note along with the beard, lunar cycles are coming in the base game update, as are two new terrain paints. Lunar cycles affect werewolves (and other occults) more than regular sims, but regular sims are impacted a bit too. Kids can ask about the lunar cycles.  You can customize lunar cycles, i.e. their length, freeze it on one cycle and turn it off completely.

They showed how the tunnels worked.
They are rabbit holes with pop ups where you decide what to do (reminds me a bit of space adventures).
You can unlock paths to quick travel between the 3 tunnel entrances.
They can be more dangerous for non werewolves. 

We see Greg, who is a werewolf, seems to be a loner and is hard to befriend. But if you do, you can woohoo with him.

Werewolf Greg

Werewolves, including Greg, can be seen in other worlds. However, you can disable that under pack settings.

Here are the ways to become a werewolf:

  • Create a new sim as a werewolf in CAS
  • Born in game (greater blood vs dormant?)
  • Create in game:
    • ask to be turned into a werewolf
    • or get werebies (from bite or from tunnel adventures).

Being asked is the quicker of the two options to turn a regular sim into a werewolf, but the second one you can be ‘cured’ before you turn into a werewolf.

They showed a sim turning into a werewolf after asking to become one and showed the different stages (they get very uncomfortable and their hunger goes down very quickly so they need to eat a lot during the time between getting bitten and becoming a werewolf. They will rampage the first time they become a werewolf. My highlights video includes footage from the stream where the sim was bitten (after asking) and when the sim becomes a werewolf for the first time.

There are two werewolf packs, Moonwood Collective (Kristopher is the leader) vs The Wildfangs (Rory is the leader). Here is a screenshot of some of the sims in the pack, Kristopher and Rory are shown.

There is lots of lore in the new pack. You can learn some by talking to the residents of Moonwood Mill. You can also learn some lore on the new Werewolf Books. Werewolves, especially those with certain abilities, can get more from the books (these aren’t skill books). More details on new books, from tweet shared after the livestream:

Only teens and up can have a ‘beast’ form, but toddlers and children can learn to howl, they can get growing pains, toddlers can bite their toy, and children will get excited about beating up their siblings like they are the alpha of the house.

They showed ‘fury’ and what it does, if it maxes they will go on a rampage, temperaments can build fury. Werewolves can have 22 temperaments, 18 appear naturally and 4 are unique (see tweet).

Werewolves have abilities – some (25) you buy with points as they level up and 6 that are dormant. Here’s a link to the SimsVIP article where they show the ones they were able to see when the SimGurus hovered over them in the livestream.


The objects look grungy to tie to the look of werewolves reclaiming things from abandoned buildings. They mentioned learning more in the game, so I expect we will get more information in their catalogue descriptions.

We will be getting two new terrain paints in the base game update that have been used in the new world.

I show a sped up version of what was shown in the livestream in my highlights video, but here’s a couple of screenshots:

Telescopes coming with the pack, however there is a telescope coming with the base game update that precedes the pack. Link to tweet.

Sundry Tweets from After the Livestream

Fated mate tweet :

Tweet re hunting food and vegetarian werewolves:

Link to The Sims 4 Werewolves trailer

Link to The Sims 4 Werewolves blog post

If you have any questions, need troubleshooting help or want to share your own Sims game play with other Simmers please head over to my Facebook group, Sims Sanctuary or my Discord

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