Surprise SDX & Expected Timing & Content of Jun 14/22 Game Update (Sims 4)

See my video overview here

This blog post includes links & summarizes what was in the video::

I) June 13/22 Surprise SDX
II) June 14/22 Game Update (expected timing, what’s expected in it & how to prepare, &
III) Random Tweets re Items in the Werewolves Game Pack (Jun 13/22).

1) Surprise SDX (June 13/22):

FYI, if you go in your game you will see there is an SDX, this is just to prepare the game for tomorrow’s update, no new content was added per this tweet by the Sims. But it looks like we’re getting meteors to go along with the new ‘back pocket observatory’ (i.e. the new telescope, see below for more information on that!)

II) June 14/22 Game Update

Expected Timing

The usual time for game updates is 10 am Pacific, here’s a screenshot of when that is in a few time zones:

Link for when that will be in your own time zone.

What’s Expected in the Update

A) New Stuff:

1) New telescope

2) Lunar cycles

Lunar cycles affect werewolves (and other occults) more than regular sims, but regular sims are impacted a bit too. Kids can ask about the lunar cycles.  You can customize lunar cycles, i.e. their length, freeze it on one cycle and turn it off completely.

Screenshot from Livestream
Screenshot from Livestream
Screenshot from Livestream

3) New beard

Screenshot from livestream, same beard, two different angles:

4) Two new terrain paints

Note new items added to base game do not show with a ‘new’ flag.

B) Bug Fixes from May 31 Laundry list

Laundry list link

How to Prepare

Basic Steps to Prepare for Computer Players

* Before you update:

1) Make a back up of your saves
2) Move your mods folder to your desktop

After you update:

3) Repair your game in Origin
4) Delete your localthumbcache file

* for more details see my tutorial video

⚠️Reminder: Mods & CC are automatically disabled with most updates⚠️

If you want to temporarily avoid the update, turn off automatic updates & go offline with Origin.

Forum Mod post tracking impact of Jun 14 game update on mods:

Note Luth is on vacation until Thursday per this tweet:

III) Random Tweets re Items in the Werewolves Game Pack (Jun 13/22):

New ‘night light’! (Link to tweet)

Information on the new ‘bus object’ (Link to tweet):

Link to my blog post overview of the Sims 4 Werewolves livestream.

Contact Me:

If you have any questions, need troubleshooting help or want to share your own Sims game play with other friendly Simmers please head over to my Facebook group, Sims Sanctuary or my Discord

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