Issues with Anti Virus Software & Sims 4

Sometimes your anti virus software can cause various issues with Sims 4. Please note that this isn’t a new issue and seems to happen randomly. ✅

⚠️ One of the main issues commonly seen when this happens is that mods and custom content don’t stay enabled after an update. ⚠️

However, your anti virus can cause other problems including, but not limited to:

  1. seeing red x’s in the gallery,
  2. being told you need to use the Legacy Version when you don’t,
  3. screenshots not saving to your screenshot folder.

✅Re the anti virus (which can include Windows Defender) blocking Origin/TS4 from updating the file, try adding both Origin and TS4 as trusted applications. For more information on how to do this, see Crinrict’s blog post about it:

Here’s a link to the bug report on EA AHQ about it:

SimGuruNick had a suggestion after the December 2020 update which may help if the problem is caused by your anti-virus. The suggestion is to manually adjust your GameVersion.txt (in your TS4 folder, found under Documents\Electronic Arts) to the correct version.

Link to SimGuruNick’s tweet:

As of the Nov 2/21 update, the current version for PC: . While I don’t believe this is an issue for Mac, their current version is:

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