My Wedding Stories Livestream Overview (Sims 4)

Link to my video overview

World of Tartosa

Tartosa Map
  • Based on Mediterranean
  • 9 lots in two neighbourhoods: 2 are empty (1 is a beach lot), 2 residential with families already in them, 2 empty starter homes, 1 wedding venue, which is a new lot type coming to base game, 1 lounge & 1 rental lot.
  • There are also 5 wedding venues on the gallery.  All lots were made by game changers one of which works on the empty beach lot.
  • As stated previously, you can swim in the water.
  • Kids can play in the sand here, that doesn’t require Island Living.
  • You can also draw in the sand (new for this pack).
  • New collection ‘message in a bottle’
  • There is a lot of lore in the world and the two families have some lore between them.
  • The two sims in the trailer (Cam and Dom) are in the game and you can find them in Tartosa, but they are not placed on a lot in the world.
  • You can learn the lore by chatting with the locals after you’ve befriended them. Cam is a painter and will tell you scenic locations for painting. Dom is the town historian, and you can learn more lore from her.
  • Town square has a ‘city hall’ where your sims can get married immediately.
  • You can find kiosks here.  Two for food (Indian and Chinese, there will be more options available if you have other packs), one for cake, one for flowers & one for wedding dress (the wedding ones can be done from menus too).
  • Lots of pretty places in both neighbourhoods to get nice pictures.


  • Formal clothes and hairstyles
  • Boutonnieres for males found under necklaces.
  • From their description, it seems like the veil is part of a hairstyle.


6 Event Options for Engaged Sims
  • You use the ‘add wedding event option’.
  • There are 7 types of events under weddings, you will see 6 if your couple is engaged (‘Bach’ Party, Reception, Rehearsal Dinner, Engagement Dinner, Family Gathering, Wedding Ceremony).  The 7th one appears for sims who are already married – ‘vow renewal’.
  • They showed the wedding ceremony, and it is very customizable. You can set the activities, but unlike with social events, they are optional to do even if you’ve included them. It appears you can add as many activities as you want. I expect that all the ‘wedding events’ are equally customizable. You can also edit the event after you set it up and before the wedding happens (when you use the calendar).
  • Note that you need to ask the sim of honour, flower pal, etc. in the game vs just assigning it when you set it up. They may say no.

Wedding Cake

Some Wedding Cake Options When Sims Make it With Gourmet Cooking Skill
  • You can buy it online, at the kiosk or make it yourself (you need the gourmet cooking skill), from what I could see the cost was the same regardless of buying or making (despite them commenting re ‘budget weddings’ and making the cake yourself).
  • There are 9 different shapes and many different flavours/colours.
  • 10 different types of toppers and many different colour/swatches of those toppers.
  • You can inscribe a message on the topping and keep the topper with message as a memento afterwards.


Kiosk for Buying Flowers & Bouquets
  • If you place the bouquet in the world a glass vase gets added.
  • You can make the bouquets if you have Seasons and it sounded like you got more options with the Seasons’ flowers


Interactions While Slow Dancing
  • Slow dancing plus has additional interactions while slow dancing (kiss, flirt & chat)
  • Plus adult dancing with a child (as saw in trailer)
  • Group dancing like the macarena
  • (noticed that the sim gained the fitness skill when she started dancing, got to level 3 very quickly!)

Other Build/Buy Objects

Types of Tea
  • Two tea sets that you can use.  They have more interactions when you use them in a wedding ceremony
  • 5 wedding arches
  • New piano
  • New bar with a bar back that has room for décor like photos and flowers.
  • New Buffet Table (Food that gets served is the same as what you see in the kiosk), toasting bucket and drink fountain (i.e. table and drink fountain are already in Luxury Party)
  • Aisle (short, medium and long), with flowers and with no sides that you can decorate.
  • Dance floor (three sizes)

Base Game Update

  • Formal outfits getting more swatches, girls dress in the holiday pack has more colours too.
  • Wedding arches getting more swatches
  • Previously mentioned new lot type – wedding venue

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