New House on the Gallery

The completed house for House 3 of the Drifter Challenge is now on the gallery.
This is a family one story home with 4 bedrooms/4 bathroom on the main floor and 2 more bedrooms and 1 bathroom in the basement.
Garage was converted to greenhouse. Lot also features a perfect money tree (Seasons required), perfect forbidden fruit tree, a cow plant, other sundry plants & 5 collected cow plant essences (on shelf in main room of the basement, by the cow plant picture painted by my drifter 😊).
No CC, play-tested, 177,718 simoleons on a 30×20 lot
Origin ID: MapleSimmer



If you’d like to see the Drifter House 3 Let’s Play, and the two from before, links were provided in my previous Casting Call post for House 4.

Information on the Drifter Challenge:

The Drifter Challenge is a challenge created by the lovely Lady Vi and you start with both Willow Creek and Oasis Springs empty, except for one restaurant if you have Dine Out. It can be thought of as a generation challenge as well as a building challenge, which each generation, or ‘house’, starts with no money on an empty lot and each ‘house’ has its own set of goals. As you meet certain goals over the generations, or ‘houses’ as they are called, you can also start adding certain community lots (which you can build or download from the gallery or add the original lots back if you’ve saved them in your library). It’s a good way to examine a lot of different elements in the game, and you can skip any generation you don’t want to do. Here’s a link to the main page if it interests you; it further links to the different ‘house’ rules.

Link to house 3 rules:
Vihisha’s Blogspot:


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