The Journey Begins

Thanks for joining me!

My name is Jennifer, also known as Maple Simmer🍁.  I love playing The Sims and I’ve been playing since it first launched in 2000.

I do Let’s Plays focusing on challenges & new content, Tutorials & the occasional Speed Builds & I love sharing tips I’ve learned in my videos on YouTube.🙂

I also have a Facebook group which I keep updated with Sims news as I hear it.  It’s also a good place to share your builds, sims, stories & challenge progress and to ask questions about the game, here’s a link: Sims Sanctuary

You can also find links here to my blog posts:

Sims 4 Challenge Posts:
Challenges Overview
Rags to Riches Guidelines
Homeless Musician Challenge
Alien Encounters Challenge
Rags to ‘Riches’ 7 Toddler Challenge
Super Kids Challenge
Super Teens Challenge
Drifter Challenge Overview
Rags to Riches Eco Lifestyle Edition
Rags to Riches Snowy Escape Edition

Sims 4 Pack Information:
DLC Information
Expansion Packs
Game Packs
Stuff Packs

Sims 4 Game Information:
How to recover a save
Celebrities in Get Famous
Legacy Version Information
Appeasing Harvestfest Gnomes
Sims 4 Wealthiest Families
Cost of Starting & Empty Base Game Lots
N.A.P. Issues with Eco Lifestyle
Snowy Escape Expansion Information

Blue Cottage
Newcrest Family Park
Home for Drifter Challenge House 3
Base Game Furnish Me Shell

Sims 4 Update Information:
October 6, 2020 Game Update & Overview
November 10, 2020 Game Update & Overview


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