N.A.P. Issues with Sims 4 Eco Lifestyle

Eco Lifestyle N.A.P. Issues

Do you have Eco Lifestyle? Are you finding things are going missing? Are NPCs constantly doing things like playing with future cubes, drawing tablets and baking cakes, among other things? This is probably caused by Neighborhood Action Plans (also known as N.A.P.s) that are currently in place. The July 23 game update was supposed to have fixed the issue of N.A.P.s enacted in other neighborhoods impacting your active neighborhood. Here are some suggestions that may help, including links to a couple of mods by Simvasion. 😊

I try to avoid it by turning off NPC voting in game options before I start playing in a save; I would recommend doing this from the world selection menu because I’ve heard of some people having issues with the game crashing after they made the change if they don’t, though not everyone does, so you may be fine if you go in from your neighbourhood menu or from your household.

Here’s what I mean by the world menu.

From there go into game options and select the Eco Lifestyle tab and uncheck the ‘Enable NPC Voting’ option.

Along with not enabling NPC voting, the NAPs I have found to cause no issues are as follows:

  1. Clean Energy Production: Just make sure to add a dew collector & solar panel or windmill (I usually add at least one of all three and have had no problems passing the inspection).
  2. Green Gardening: I’ve heard to pass this one you need to make sure you have bugs (ie the Mitey Mitey Home Insect farm, or bees if you have Seasons) and that the inspector doesn’t look at the size of your garden. I usually have both and have passed this inspection.
  3. Self-Sufficiency: If your sims have a garden and NPCs have access to it, the NPCs will harvest your garden if you’ve not already done so and you lose the harvestables, however if you fence your garden or lot and lock the gate to the area, this NAP also causes no real issues.
  4. The two initiatives that are unique to Green Harbor, Green Initiatives and Modern Development (all three neighbourhoods in Green Harbor have these two options) have not caused me any problems either.

However, if you’ve already started playing in a save and the N.A.P.s are already in place, you can try repealing the N.A.P.s (either using the game play mechanics of getting 5 signatures to support the repeal or by using cheats). If you plan on using the in game mechanics to repeal a N.A.P., you can only do one repeal per voting period and it’s only available while the voting is open (ie 8 am Friday to 6 pm Monday). The use of cheats has the advantage in that you can repeal N.A.P.s at any time and as many as you want.

To use cheats, you need them on (to turn them on type ‘testingcheats on’ or ‘testingcheats true’ in the cheats console). Once they are on, shift click on a mailbox or community board and select ‘instant repeal Neighborhood Action Plan (Cheat)’.

Then select the one you want to repeal. If you want to repeal more than one, just do this again until all the N.A.P.s you want removed have been (there can only be up to four at one time 😊).

Unfortunately my understanding is that sometimes the actions will persist even after they’ve been repealed, if so you can try a couple of mods by Simvasion that should help. They should also help if you want to leave the N.A.P.s in place but have them be less intrusive, for example have them remain in the neighborhoods they originated in. 😊

Here are the links for Simvasion’s mod (it was previously two mods, but they’ve now been consolidated into one), which has been confirmed to still work and be needed after the July 23, 2020 game update:

Eco Lifestyle Interactions Fixes:


The issue of NAPs in other neighborhoods affecting NPC behaviour outside that neighborhood was supposed to be fixed with the pre Nifty Knitting game update of July 23, 2020, however other issues remain.

EA AHQ Links:

Here are the links to the EA AHQ reports on these issues if you want to add a ‘Me Too’. 😊

Items disappearing from lots:

Other threads related to the same N.A.P issue:
Future Cubes/Clay Spawning in Inventories:
Objects disappear from lots/ NPC Stealing (with and without N.A.P):
Random Romance Interactions w/wo active NAP:
Obsessive cooking and baking by sims:

There is also another issue that causes objects to be swiped. This is your OWN Sim swiping his OWN own household objects (Recycle Trait):

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