Sims 4 Wealthiest Families

With the Discover University game update, we can now move our sims out of households when actively playing them, however they are no longer are given 20,000 simoleons to start and instead you need to give them funds to set up a new household.

For some this is good news as their families have money and they may want to give the new sim(s) moving out more funds then the game used to give them.  For others this may not work as well.  If your sim family doesn’t have money to spare for the new household and you don’t want to use cheats to get them to start, particularly if you are playing on console and don’t want to disable trophies, you can transfer your sims to another household and take funds from them.

Here is a list of the sim households with more than 40,000 simoleons and their funds when you start a new save:

Willow Creek:


Oasis Springs:


Windenburg (Get Together):


San Myshuno (City Living):


Brindleton Bay (Cats & Dogs):


Del Sol Valley (Get Famous):


Not in World:



Realm of Magic:








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