Rags to Riches: Eco Lifestyle Edition


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Meet our Sims:

We are starting with a young married couple & the husband’s mother, all of whom are spellcasters, who have recently arrived in Port Promise with a dream to build an eco-friendly home and make the neighbourhood a better place. They’ve used all their money for their trip so are now starting with nothing.

Conor Moon:


Conor is a young adult who is a Maker, a Green Fiend and a Genius, who’s also a Collector due to his Nature Aspiration.

Melody Collins-Moon:


Melody is Conor’s young adult wife who is Creative, a Green Fiend, Family Oriented and a Muser from choosing a Creative Aspiration.

Deirdre Moon:


Deirdre is Conor’s adult mother, who is Family Oriented, a Freegan and a Maker with the Domestic trait from choosing a Family Aspiration.

If you’d like to play along with this family, they are on the gallery, here’s a link:

Challenge Goals:

  1. For Conor & Melody to both:
    • max the Civil Designer career with each taking a different branch
    • to complete the Eco Innovator aspiration.
  2. For both Melody & her mother in law Deirdre to complete the new Maker aspiration.
  3. For them all to turn Port Promise from having an Industrial footprint to having a Green footprint.
  4. For them to build a home that is eco friendly & if possible to generate more power & water than they use.
  5. For them all to complete the fortune aspiration.
  6. In connection with the ‘green initiative’, Deirdre will complete the Botanist aspiration.
  7. Since Deirdre is a freegan we will try to furnish as much as possible using things we find & repair or that we create ourselves.
  8. Bonus Goal: For Conor & Melody to have a family.😊


  1. To start with nothing with a goal to get rich (in this case to complete the fortune aspiration as noted above).
  2. Generally to follow the rules from my Rags to Riches guidelines, one exception is that our sims will have ‘jobs’ since that’s needed to complete their goals; link here:
  3. Note the lifespan I’ve chosen is ‘long’, anyone playing along can choose what they want.
  4. Optional added challenges:
    1. Build/Buy rules – can only purchase from build/buy mode things that can’t be crafted or are known to be found in the dumpster. Timing of these purchases is limited to:
      • Mondays after the Neighborhood voting is done.
      • if the family has children, you can do one-off purchases of what you need for the child as they enter new lifespans (for example when a baby ages up to a toddler and a toddler ages up to a child. This shouldn’t be needed when a child ages up to a teen as their needs are similar to those of an adult).
      • if you have Seasons and Rebate Day falls on a different day, you may enter build/buy mode then too.
      • You can purchase things from the computer, bookcase or planters, or if you have Seasons, from the phone at any time.
      • In all cases, you can only go in one time, if you forget something, you need to wait until the next purchase time.
    2. Try to stay in the three Evergreen Harbor neighbourhoods as much as possible, unless travelling for an aspiration.

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