Homeless Musician Challenge

🎼 Homeless Musician Challenge 🎼 :


This is just a short little challenge that I recently did because I wanted to compare earnings from guitar🎸vs violin🎻 in a Rags to Riches challenge. Rules are in the screenshot. Please note that you can licence music you write with your instrument of choice; that is included in ‘making money from that instrument’.😊

I chose to do this with a teen, but you can use any age, teen and up. I have Seasons so I made the school days holidays so my teen didn’t have to worry about skipping school.

Please let me know if you have any questions! I’d love to see how you do! 😊 

Here’s the sim I used, she’s a teen who is creative and a music lover and has the muser trait from choosing a creative aspiration (Musical Genius): Ruby-Ransom-Teen

Here is how I set up the calendar since I have Seasons:


One of her first whims won’t be able to be completed for a while since she has no house, never mind a door, so I promptly dismissed it!


Perhaps one day in the not to distant future! Stay tuned to see how she did…

6 thoughts on “Homeless Musician Challenge

    1. I saw your comment but I’m still getting used to WordPress and how the comments work! I’ve enjoyed hearing how your sims is doing! It is a fun little challenge to do. It’s nice to have a short challenge for a change!

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