Alien Encounters Challenge


Do you have Get To Work? Here’s a challenge I thought of after EA increased the changes of 1) getting abducted and 2) male sims getting pregnant from abduction with the November 2017 patch.

  1. You need to start with a male sim (See *Note)
  2. Have them join the Scientist career.
  3. See (A) how many times your sim is abducted & (B) how many times he gets pregnant with alien children (ie how many children he has) by the time he’s spent one week at the top of the Scientist Career.  The plan is to keep them and raise them, not send them back to the home world. 😊

There are mods, such as MCC, that can help you increase the chances (or stop abductions from happening). The challenge is meant to be done without help from mods, but if you prefer to use them, just mention that when sharing your results!😊

*Note: You can either create your sim or use one that you’ve played through until the young adult age, I did the latter.  Your sim can have a friend or sibling if you’d like them to have company, preferably female so they don’t get pregnant from being abducted.  I chose to have his sister live with my sim.😊

Some optional goals to do while working on the above:

  • To complete the nerd brain aspiration;
  • To try to complete the element collection (inspired by the Not So Berry Challenge);
  • To complete the curator aspiration;
  • To visit Sixam; and
  • If you have Get Famous, see how famous your sim can get as a scientist.

I have a current Let’s Play where I’m doing this challenge, though as an alternative possibility I had an option to marry an alien if my sim never had any alien children from abduction, you’re welcome to do the same. Here’s a link to the playlist😊:


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