Mini Occult Baby Challenge (Sims 4)

Since we had some interest to do some type of challenge in the Sims Sanctuary Facebook group I thought I’d write up a shorter challenge that combined the interests I saw mentioned on our poll. As a result this challenge will have three elements and you can participate in whichever part you prefer, up to all three parts.

  1. Gameplay
  2. Create a Sim
  3. Build

I thought it would be fun if those doing the gameplay challenge used the sims and/or builds created by those who participated in the Create a Sim and Build Challenges, though this of course is optional.

If you’d like to share your sims and builds for others to use during the challenge, please have them on the gallery by Friday, January 21, 2022 using #minioccultbabychallenge . If you upload without the hashtag, put your Gallery ID and details of what you uploaded for the challenge on our Facebook post about it.

My overview of the challenge will be on my channel on Saturday, January 22, 2022 & the gameplay start of the challenge starts Sunday, January 23, 2022. This is when I plan to start my Let’s Play on my channel with the sim in the above screenshot. See section 4 for some decisions I’ve made re the optional aspect of the challenge as well as some additional challenges I’ve added. Playlist link

1. Gameplay

While the create a sim and builds will come first, the gameplay drives them so I will start with the details about that.

You will start with a human sim, i.e. non occult sim, who has the ability to get pregnant.

Goals for the sim who has the babies:

  1. Either:
    A. Have six pregnancies with occult sims in your game, preferably one of each type of occult that you have, but that’s your choice.
    B. Try up to three times per occult sim to have a baby of that occult type. Note that at the time of creating this challenge there are four occults (see point 4) if you have the packs they come with, that could be up to twelve pregnancies. If you don’t have all the packs, or prefer not to play with certain occults, still try to have four pregnancies that result in an occult baby, with the same cap of 12 (edited to add this would be 15 if you added werewolves to the mix as of Jun 2022) pregnancies (see below screenshot after point 5 for more clarification).
  2. Similar to 100 Baby, your sim will have a different partner for each pregnancy.
  3. In addition to step 1, your sim will have one final pregnancy with your choice of the following:
    * Father Winter (Seasons required),
    * an Island Elemental (Island Living required, a sim needs the Child of the Island trait to call them) or
    * any Townie (i.e. any sim that comes with the base game or any pack vs a randomly generated one, some base game examples are Mortimer Goth, Geoffrey Landgraab, Don Lothario. Some examples of townies that come with packs are Knox Greenburg (Eco Lifestyle), Paolo Rocco (Get Together)).
    Note if you wish, you can have your sim become an occult of your choosing before this final pregnancy.
  4. Here are the occult offspring possibilities at the time of writing this challenge if you have the required packs:
    * alien or alien hybrid (Get to Work). My understanding is that full aliens are rare with only one alien parent UNLESS your sims is abducted & has a full alien, so both alien and alien hybrid count towards the goal. If you use MCCC you can use the setting to allow both genders to get pregnant from abduction.
    * vampire (Vampires)
    * mermaid (Island Living)
    * spellcaster (Realm of Magic)
    * edited to add werewolves (Werewolves, new game pack released Jun 2022)
  5. Some optional added challenges, 1) give each child who moves out starting funds of 20,000 and or 2) start your sim with nothing (i.e. no simoleons on an inexpensive, empty lot).

More clarification re option B :

Note re aliens/alien hybrids: Link to a very helpful post by a member of the Sims Sanctuary Facebook group with more information on aliens/alien hybrids.

Goals for the children:

  1. Keep a baby for one sim day (this is changed from the 2 days shown in my introduction video, but consistent with my saying a minimum of 24 hours in that video).
  2. At a minimum toddlers must reach happy toddler (level 3 of all skills) plus level 3 of potty before aging up.
  3. As a child complete the creativity aspiration, become an A student & have learned to say sorry from their parent (i.e. conflict resolution has to be in a range to earn).
  4. Put all the pictures they draw as a child and at the end of the challenge have a wall with all of the base game pictures each child drew (this is the ‘collection’ of this challenge).
  5. As a teen become an A high school student & learn at least two more positive character values (for three in total). At this point you can move the teen out or you can age up to a young adult, your choice.

There are no other rules, so for example:

  • Aging settings can be as you wish (ie short, normal, long or off).
  • You can hire any service providers, including nannies.
  • You can use a randomizer for traits for the babies or choose the traits for yourself. If you want to randomize the traits you can use the in game trait randomizer or use something like the Sims Legacy trait randomizer.
  • Whether or not your sim has a job is up to you.
  • You can use the option to start with no money, start with starting money or use cheats for money.
  • You can choose and change the lot traits/lot challenges whenever you want.
  • You can use a regular lot, a micro lot or a haunted house!

The challenge ends when the child (or children) born in the last pregnancy meet the requirements to age up to young adult (A high school student & 3 positive character values).

2. Create a Sim Challenge:

  1. Create a non occult sim who will be able to have babies and/or
  2. In a separate household create some occult sims that can impregnate others.

Challenge Criteria:

  1. Each sim will need a minimum of one outfit per different outfit category.
  2. Optional added challenge:
    * occult sims should be made with base game + the pack the the occult is from
    * the non occult sim should be base game + one pack of your choice.

These sims need to be shared to the gallery. The challenge version shared to the gallery needs to be made without custom content, preferably using #minioccultbabychallenge in the description. If you do use custom content feel free to do a version with custom content and show screenshots of both so we can see the differences!

3. Build Challenge

Create a starter home that will be used for the baby challenge.

Challenge Criteria for the home:

  1. The gallery version must have a value of 18,000 simoleons or less and be on a 30×20 lot. When you are building the lot value will be included in the value, so take that off when tracking the cost. For example, Asphalt Abodes in Newcrest costs 2,000 simoleons, so if you were building there, the value of the build on the lot can be 20,000 (18,000+2,000). See my blog post on the cost of empty lots for the base game for more information on starting lot values.
  2. Must include items for toddlers – at a minimum one toddler bed, one potty, blocks, bookshelf & a teddy bear.
  3. Must include items for the creativity aspiration – at a minimum one creativity table & one instrument & a toybox.
  4. Optional added challenge: Make it a limited pack build, i.e. base game plus up to one of each type of pack (i.e. stuff, game & expansion pack, no kits) in the furnish and decoration. You can either pick the packs or use a randomizer. See below for exception.

Note: This can be any residential lot type – regular, micro (including ‘modified micro’) or haunted house.

As with the sims, the build needs to be shared to the gallery. The version shared to the gallery needs to be made without custom content, preferably using #minioccultbabychallenge in the description. If you do use custom content feel free to do a version with custom content and share screenshots of both versions for fun.

Exception to the limited pack, you can use functional items from any packs as long as they won’t be missed if a person doesn’t have the pack. For example, if you don’t use Seasons as your expansion in your build, you can still add a thermostat as it won’t be missed by someone who doesn’t have Seasons.

4. Additional Goals for my Let’s Play

Note that these are additional goals I will be setting for myself to try and accomplish during my Let’s Play, if anyone else wants to add these or create their own goals, I’d love to hear how it goes:

  1. I’ll be doing the optional start with nothing.
  2. Each child leaving the household needs 20,000 simoleons to take with them. Apart from one child, the rest will be teens when they leave the household (after they’ve completed the required goals).
  3. My sim will have to complete the following aspirations:
    * serial romantic
    * friend of the world
    * parenthood aspiration
    * fortune aspiration
    She can also work on other aspirations at the same time.
  4. Keep track and count each unique location for woohoo/try for baby.
  5. She will do a minimum of 6 tries for baby with occults.
  6. Depending on how long the challenge takes, we may try for a baby with Father Winter and an Island Elemental. Before she does this she will become a spellcaster.
  7. I’m doing a mix of choosing my traits & using the Sims Legacy Trait randomizer (it’s a mix because some traits will be banned, some examples of traits I will not use are evil, goofball, kleptomaniac, hates children).
  8. Toddlers need to max all skills before aging up.
  9. Children will:
    * join Scouts
    * at a minimum complete at least one other childhood aspiration, in addition to the
    required creativity aspiration.
  10. Aging will be on long.

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