Castaway Challenge (Seasons Edition)

I’m redoing the Castaway Challenge, now updated for Seasons & new things added to base game. It is coming to my channel Friday, December 31, premiering at 7 pm Eastern.

Playlist link for this updated challenge.


This challenge was originally created by Nando (EAD is now NandoandStitch, previously SimplyNando) & it was one of my first challenge let’s plays on my channel back in 2016. This new version stands alone, however, if you’d like to watch my original challenge and see how much the game & I’ve changed, here’s the playlist link (20 parts). One big difference is definitely the sound quality as for the first few months of my channel my microphone was the one built into the laptop! 😊

Unfortunately the link to the original challenge rules no longer exists, however, I had a write up in part 1 of the description, so if you want to see what I followed for the original challenge, you can see it there.

Castaway Challenge Details:

I have taken the rules and goals for the ‘Extreme Castaway Challenge’ from my original video description and reworked them to clarify some points and to update/tweak them for changes to the game since that time. The goals are the same as before and I’ve rebuilt the island so it works better for those who have Seasons. Another change to the build is that the island now uses the pond tool for the water surrounding the ‘island’ instead of fountains.


Summary: Overall you need to get to level 5 of certain skills to get off the island so your sim, or sims, need to work on certain skills to unlock the doors, which let you unlock more doors to get to get what’s needed for other skills! You can only use what’s on the island and you can’t leave the island until you’ve met all the goals!

Now onto the more detailed explanation!

To begin with you need level 5 of gardening before you can ‘unlock’ any door as level 5 of gardening is needed to clear the landscaping blocking access to the underground ‘caves’, which is where the rooms with the doors are. After that, as you meet a goal, you ‘unlock’ the related door. Apart from the skill items available immediately, the item you need to build the skill is locked behind a door for most of the other skills so generally you need to work on the skills in the order of the doors. Doors are numbered, this screenshot shows four of the numbered doors, the rest are numbered in a similar way in my version of the build that is on the gallery.

  1. Brown door: Reach Level 5 in the Handiness Skill (gives you a double bed & easel)
  2. Small door: Reach level 5 in the Guitar Skill (gives you a shower)
  3. White door: Reach Level 5 in the Painting Skill (gives you a BBQ & bar)
  4. Black door: Reach Level 5 in the Mixology Skill (this lets you go even further downstairs which leads to door 5)
  5. Small door: To open this door you need to find the seven hidden vases on the lot, this gives you access to a sauna, or if you don’t have Spa Day, the version built without Spa Day islands unlocks ‘Vintage Books’ so your sims can read what comes in that bookcase (no buying new books, especially skill books).
  6. Small door: Reach Level 6 in the cooking skill (you get access to some important items on the other island including a fridge, yoga mat and stool & if needed, a punching bag. )
  7. Small door: All of your Sims have to reach Level 5 in the Wellness skill (there is a chess table here, you will need to craft chairs to use it).
  8. Small door: All of your Sims have to reach Level 5 in the Logic skill to get the keys behind this door & access the underground exit off the island.

Optional: If you want to make it harder, make it necessary for all sims to reach level 5 of the respective skills before you can open the related door (versus just doing that for Door 7 & Door 8). I will be doing this in my Let’s Play.

Note there is no ‘pee bush’ on the island as the original challenge didn’t have one and one of the goals is to either have a sim max the handiness skill so you can add a toilet or earn enough reward points to buy steel bladder for your sim(s). However if you don’t like this part of the challenge, feel free to add one pee bush that will have to be shared if you have more than one sim. You will need Get Together or Jungle Adventures as the base game debug one doesn’t seem to allow you to interact with it. If you want to make it harder, hide the pee bush in the landscaping and only let them use it when you’ve unlocked the ability to move landscaping (i.e. reach level 5 of gardening).


Ways to get off the island when you complete the challenge:

  1. My updated version of the island has an underground tunnel from the last door that your sims can take to get off the island if you remove the rocks and overgrown foliage.
  2. Your sims may teleport off the island using cheats or with their wellness skill if it is high enough.
  3. If your sims are spellcasters, fly off using the brooms in the room with the keys.


  • Get your Sims on the big island using the teleport cheat (‘testingcheats on’ or ‘testingcheats true’) and “shift + click” (teleport here). If you don’t want to use cheats, use the version of the build with a temporary bridge. Remove the bridge once your sims are on the island.
  • There are plants, a workbench a fishing spot and a guitar waiting for you, so you have to start with gardening, wood working, guitar playing and fishing.
  • Eat the harvestables you harvest from the plants or go fishing and cook the fish using the fireplace.
  • To keep your Sims’ hygiene up, use the sink.
  • Your Sims won’t be able to use a toilet and will pee themselves UNTIL they craft a toilet UNLESS you get them in the swimming area just before they have to pee (this is base game).
  • Your sim will be able to learn some fitness while swimming & cooking when cooking fish over the fire.


  • You can have 1-4 Sims.
  • You can have as much money as you want (I have an option under my ‘added challenges’ section that changes this)
  • Your sims must pay the bills.
  • You can move any furniture you discover and find.
  • You can swim in the lagoon next to the waterfalls.


  • Leaving the lot with any of your Sims.
  • Buying random items from build/buy menu.
  • No moving/removing flowers/landscaping until your sim(s) reach level 5 of gardening.
  • Cooking marshmallows, hot dogs or veggie dogs.
  • Getting pregnant with a baby (if you decided against this rule, the baby must be born on the island and if you’re still there when they are a child, they can’t leave the island. You can buy a portable toddler bed, blocks & one toy for a toddler to use. If your sims max handiness and build a toilet, you can also buy a potty at that point).

BUILDING/BUYING RULES (during the challenge):

You’re only allowed to place walls, floors, doors and windows and only in a wooden look above ground (see walls already used as an example, anything similar will do).

Rock wall coverings/flooring are to be used in the caves.

The rest of the furniture is either gained through the discovered items in the locked rooms on the island or by building them on the work bench. You are allowed to live in the caves once all sims have reached level 5 of gardening and unlocked the ability to move the landscaping (ie flowers, bushes, rocks and grasses).

TIP: Master wood working as fast as possible to be able to build a toilet, this is much easier than having to time using the pool to pee.


  • Start with a four week summer, I have added some all year/summer plants to help with gardening.
  • I’m playing with teens. If you want to do the same, here is some info on what I’m doing with them (Seasons & Parenthood):
    • You can have them join Scouts just before they start, but they will miss any meetings which will hit their responsibility if you have Parenthood.
    • You can give them journals before they start (Parenthood required), however, they won’t be able to use them until you have one of your sims craft a table and chair.
    • Create a holiday on week days so your teens don’t have to go to school (I use the Gardening, Art & Music Spirit and Fire traditions, see screenshot for example).  
Example of Holiday Used for Teens


  • (Seasons required) Have a beehive & have a sim reach level 5 of the flower arrangement skill. Your sims will probably get stung until you can make the ‘bee calming’ flower arrangement. If you don’t want to choose this option, remove the flower arranging table and beehive.
  • If any seats by the fireplace burn in a fire, have a sim craft any piece of furniture to represent crafting the seat. Once it is complete, sell the crafted piece of furniture & and replace the burnt seat.
  • Start with nothing & have your sims sell into their inventory to get money for crafting and paying the bills.


Original Scoring: For every Skill Level you reach you get 1 point. If one of your Sims dies you loose 10 points.

My Revised Scoring: For every Skill level your sims reach add 2 points. If any sims die, deduct 10 points. Divide that total by the number of sims you started with. Then deduct 0.5 points per day they were on the island.


Sims get the ‘glory’ of completing the challenge. They also get to keep the value of the island, furniture of their choosing, anything they’ve earned or crafted and any plants they wish to have.


This can be placed & played on any regular 50×50 lot (you can’t place it on a water lot in Sulani due to the underground ‘caves’). I moved the Landgraab’s and placed it on their lot in Oasis Springs. If you’d like to play along you can use my latest version of the lot, which has been updated to play with Seasons and to replace the fountain which was used for water with a pond. I have three versions, one with a bridge to get on the island (remove it once your sims are on the island), one without a bridge and one that doesn’t use Spa Day (this is with a bridge).

My original edited version is also on the gallery. The original lot was built by SimplyNando, link here as an FYI.

Other base game changes to the updated lot:

  • More fishing spots to help with the fishing aspiration.
  • More variety of base game plants if you want to start working on the freelance botanist aspiration & make some useful grafting combinations.
  • Underground exit added for when you complete the challenge.

Packs required as challenge was originally set up: Outdoor Retreat & Spa Day, however I have now uploaded a version of the island that doesn’t use Spa Day.

Substitution for wellness if you don’t have Spa Day: Change the requirement for goal 7 to have your sims reach level 5 of gourmet cooking instead of level 5 of Wellness. You will be able to work on gourmet cooking once you unlock door 6 as I placed counters there and you can make both fruit & yogurt parfait & caprese salad without a stove.

Note: I originally said to get to level 5 of fitness instead of wellness if you don’t have Spa Day, however, I have changed this goal now that I’ve further thought about it while renovating the island to not use Spa Day items (as stated above, this is the third version of this island on the gallery). The reason I changed it was because you can work on fitness before you reach this point, so I thought having a skill that stayed locked until you reached door 6 was more comparable since the wellness skill is also locked until you reach door 6. 😊

Link to my teen spellcaster sims if you’d like to play with the same sims. Aidan Wood is a genius sim who loves the outdoors with the quick learner trait from choosing a knowledge aspiration. Iris Cassidy is a creative sim who also loves the outdoors with the muser bonus trait for choosing a creativity aspiration.


Realm of Magic: Note if you use spellcasters they can practice and learn magic, but they can’t use the magic to help themselves, so no scuberoo to clean themselves or others. There are brooms placed in the final room with the keys, your spellcasters can use these to fly off the island.

Cottage Living:

If you wish to buy one hen and one rooster, there is a coop is on the island if you have the pack (this is optional, you don’t need to use it).

You can use the Simple Living lot challenge, however most barbecued foods require meat or meat substitutes which requires you to buy groceries, so this would definitely cut down on what your sims can cook. If you choose this option I’d love to hear how it goes!

Harvestables from Other Packs Placed on the Island:

There are some harvestables ready to plant from other packs, you can replace them with other harvestables before you start the challenge if you don’t have those packs. What’s included but not planted (season noted) are:

  • Cottage Living: blueberries (summer), raspberries (fall), choccoberries (year round) & verdant mushroom (year round).
  • Eco Lifestyle: soy beans (summer & fall)
  • Island Living: coconut (spring & summer), pineapple (spring & summer) & taro root (summer & spring)
  • Jungle Adventures: avocado (year round), two emotion berries (year round) & black beans (summer & fall)


If you have any questions about this challenge or anything else Sims related, or want to share your own Sims game play with a supportive group of Simmers, or vote on polls about ongoing or upcoming Let’s Plays of mine, head over to my Facebook group, .

I also have a discord, which is another place to ask sims questions or share your Sims game play,

You can also comment here, but it can take me longer to respond as I find WordPress less user friendly for responding from mobile, which is where I’m more likely to be. 😊

10 thoughts on “Castaway Challenge (Seasons Edition)

    1. I agree the details make it sound a bit complicated, but it’s pretty simple, work on certain skills to unlock the doors, which let you unlock more doors to get to get what’s needed for other skills, only use what’s on the island and don’t leave the island until you’ve met all the goals! I’m thinking I should update the post to provide that summary up front! 😊

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      1. Yes, thank you. Your link helped. I also registered myself on here. And to my surprise,  I discovered all your prior answers {during my mass confusion} I apologize and thank you for the patience and help.  I love your LP’s. You can’t fault me for that.  🙂
        Have a Happy New Year…

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      2. You’re welcome and I’m glad to hear you love my LP’s and that you finally saw my responses, though it’s not good that the site made it so hard for you to see them! Happy New Year to you too! 🎉😊

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  1. Hi Maple Simmer, I wanted to share that I finally reached “House 2 of the Drifter Challenge”. It took longer than I expected. Well, not so much, as I had no idea how long it would really take. It’s amazing how far you and others have gotten. However, It was fun, and I look forward to seeing that challenge continue to grow…


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