Sims 4 Ghost Hunters Challenge

With the arrival of the Paranormal Stuff Pack I thought it would be fun to do a challenge! The let’s play of this challenge will be coming to my channel later today. I’ll add the link when it’s available.

The premise behind the challenge is to have a sim or sim and their family, depending on how you like to play, start with no simoleons in an empty, haunted house. If you wish, the house can have a fireplace and the painting of Guidry, though this will increase the starting value of the home that you will need to pay off.

Challenge Goals:

  1. Earn enough money to do the following:
    • Furnish and decorate the house (home must be fully functional once it’s furnished),
    • Pay off an expert to rid the house of the ghosts permanently (the value of the lot and house when you started, use cheats πŸ“ to remove the money once you have the funds) and
    • Have a small nest egg leftover (you can set this up front, if you’d like an easier challenge, then 25k, if you want it to be harder have a goal to complete the fortune aspiration and also have a nest egg of 100k).
  2. Your main sim also has to:
    • max the 5 level medium skill
    • become a freelance Paranormal Investigator
    • successfully complete at least 15 gigs, at least 3 each of each type (easy, medium and hard)
  3. Collect and keep at least 5 unique items obtained from Specters.

Once all the goals have been completed the house can be turned back into a regular residential lot and your sim(s) can carry on with their regular lives.


Cheats can be used to give your sims the home, to remove money and to reset them when needed, but not to give your sims an advantage. Other rules/guidelines are the same as those in my Rags to Riches Challenge Guidelines as this is just a variation on a rags to riches challenge.

πŸ“ Cheats Used:

  1. ‘Freerealestate on’ to move your sim(s) into the house.
  2. ‘Testingcheats on’ or ‘testingcheats true’ and then ‘money 0’ to set your funds to nothing πŸ”·
  3. To remove the money, calculate what your money should be after deducting the original value of the house and lot then use the same money cheat used to set your funds to nothing.

πŸ”· If you don’t want to use the money cheat, temporarily add a sim to your household and then move them out and transfer the money you want to remove from the household with them (this would include any money they brought in with them).

Here are the gallery links if you wish to play along with the same family and their home.

If you have any questions, feel free to comment here or to head over to my Facebook page,

Alternatively, you can come join my Facebook group and share how you do in this challenge, or in anything sims related, be it sim creation, sim builds or your sims stories &/or challenges! We also try to keep it updated with Sims news and it’s a great place to ask any sim related questions, including questions about rags to riches or other challenges, that either I, or other members, can try to answer.Β Sims Sanctuary

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