Poll for Secondary Sim of Drifter House 9 (Sims 4)

Thanks to everyone who uploaded their sims for us to vote on for the secondary sim of House 9 of the Drifter Challenge! 😊

As a reminder, this secondary sim for House 9 of Drifter will will eventually marry my heir from house 8 of Drifter. Here is a screenshot with details of the House 8 heir.

Whichever sim is chosen, I will change one trait to match Isobel’s. 😊

Here are the sims uploaded to be included in the poll for the secondary sim.
I will add the Origin IDs after the poll closes in case you want to add them to your own game.

Iain Neuner by JantineSims
Idris Nuef by Eiandha
Isaac Neuf by TasheeJane
Izaiah Kuro by RoxyGrace
Ian Negen by SimmerDani

The poll is closed and Izaiah Kuro won!

Final Vote Results

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