House 9 Drifter Challenge: Overview

House 9 of the Drifter Challenge is premiering on Sunday, February 20, 2022 at 1 pm Eastern.

Playlist link

After living a sheltered life, our new drifter Isobel Driver, along with our secondary sim Izaiah Kuro (see poll), returns to her grandmother’s world & neighbourhood (Parched Prospect in Oasis Springs) to start her first day with nothing on the Vista Quarry lot, which is the neighbourhood the Roomies usually live in. 

Will they be up to the following challenges?:

  1. Disguise your home (example: underground lair that looks like a park above ground)
  2. Achieve level 10 of the Diamond Agent branch of the Secret Agent Career on The Drifter
  3. Achieve level 11 of the Villain branch of the Secret Agent Career on The Secondary Sim
    *Upon reaching Field Agent (level 4) of the Secret Agent Career, access to the following Lot type has been unlocked:  
    Gym Lots Those playing the full 24 House Challenge may now place a Gym Lot on Burners and Builders in Oasis Springs world
  4. Produce and raise The Heir to the Young Adult life stage
    -Select at least one of the following Traits on The Heir:
    Vegetarian Trait (City Living no longer needed, this is now a base game trait)
    Adventurous (Snowy Escape needed)
    *When The Heir reaches the Young Adult stage, you must stop game play and save if you are continuing on to House 010

Additional Optional Goals that I will attempt with the Drifter & or secondary sim:

  1. Visit Batuu (based on optional goal from Vihisha’s blog post of completing one or more of the JTB aspirations)
  2. Complete the Nerd Brain aspiration (will use the Simvasion mod to fix the rocket fix issue if it doesn’t get fixed),
  3. Have both the drifter and the secondary sim complete the athletic aspiration, and
  4. Have our Drifter try to complete the Cottage Living aspiration (winning the fair is somewhat problematic, so at a minimum complete all other goals of that aspiration).

In this house we can control the Drifter & the secondary sim. 😊

Exceptions are as follows:

per Vihisha’s blog post as of Feb 19, 2022

(screenshot is from Vihisha’s blog post as of Feb 19, 2022)

The ability to leave your home lot is limited, usually you need 1,000 simoleons and where you can travel to is set by house. Here is a screenshot of the details, again screenshot is from Vihisha’s blog post as of Feb 19, 2022 (Note the club gatherings should say ‘Get Together needed’, not ‘City Living’. 😊 ):

Some exceptions or amendments that I do re places that can be visited is that I include Bars and Lounges as ‘Nightclubs’ as they act similar to Nightclubs. I also host club gatherings at museums (for prior houses, I would hold club gatherings at gyms, for this house we will wait until that unlocks).

If you have any questions or want to share your own Sims game play with other Simmers head over to my Facebook group, or my discord,

2 thoughts on “House 9 Drifter Challenge: Overview

  1. Hi Maple Simmer,
    I wanted to share that I finally reached “House 2 of the Drifter Challenge”. It took longer than I expected. Well, not so much, as I had no idea how long it would really take. It was my 1st Sims Challange accomplishment. It’s amazing how far you and others have gotten. However, it was fun, and I look forward to seeing this challenge continue to grow…


  2. Hi Maple Simmer,

    I need to vent. I come to you because it was your challenge that got me to start playing the ones I have been playing. So, I was playing the Drifter Challenge and almost completed it when I realized that I had missed some rules/facts! So I literally started the challenge over. The 2nd run went smoother than the 1st. Now my household was doing great. Really great. I was impressed at how it was developing. My main female Sim had a baby boy, Had a garden, and I just kept her focused and busy. Then over time, I started to become somewhat bored with this family, So I decided to start another challenge. Basically, I was in the middle of two or three challenges. I can honestly say that all my challenges were moving along very nicely. Right to the rules and regulations. This made me very happy. Two nights ago, I logged in to continue my most recent save when I noticed an update. Not to mention very weird things. So I disregarded it and went into saved games only to find nothing in there. All my games were gone. I freaked !!!
    I reported this to EA and it seems as though I either deleted them or removed them from my files. I don’t know what or how I did whatever I did. I have the worst luck. So disappointed in my lack of computer knowledge. Not knowing or realizing what I must’ve been doing.

    Thank you for allowing me to vent. As no one here understands what the sims game entails




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