Plant-a-Sim Scenario: Rags to Riches Edition (Sims 4)

I’m going to attempt the Plant-a-Sim Scenario with my young adult sim Fern Pruett; the twist? She’s starting with nothing (see note 💰 below) on an empty, albeit beautiful, lot in Sulani (Key Point).

How long will it take her to complete the scenario and will she have a home by the time it’s completed? Playlist link (first part went live today, April 17, 2022).

Meet My Sim:

Here is what Fern looked like before she became a PlantSim. She is creative, loves the outdoors and an animal enthusiast with the freelance botanist aspiration.

Details on Becoming a Plant Sim:

Here is the notification the game gives when your sim becomes a PlantSim. Keep in mind only non occult sims can become PlantSim. I tried with a spellcaster and when she ate the forbidden fruit, nothing happened!

Plant-a-Sim Scenario Goals:

Written Summary of Plant-a-Sim Scenario Goals:

Eat the ‘Forbidden Fruit of the PlantSim” from your inventory 1 time
Have your PlantSim Talk to Plants 5 times
Harvest from a Perfect Quality plant1 time
Satisfy Water Needs5 times
Absorb solar energy from plants5 times
Photosynhesize by absorbing sunlight25 times
Care for Plants as a PlantSim99 times

💰 Rags to Riches Element:

  1. Note that while I am doing this as a rags to riches challenge, your sim is given 5 forbidden fruit and one starter package of vegetables. I am letting my sim keep them.
  2. No selling into inventory/directly off the plants until your sim buys a yard sale table. Some ways to make money are to do odd jobs (requires Island Living) or to sell items, including harvestables and fish, at the grocery and plant ‘shops’ (requires Cottage Living) or flowers to the plant shop (requires My Wedding Stories).
  3. For more Rags to Riches guidelines, see my blog post.

Note I have no target for money earned, this is just an added element to see how my sim manages after starting with no money or home, and only the items given to her for the Plant-a-Sim Scenario.

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