No Skills, No Problem Scenario (Sims 4 Rags to Riches)

I’m going to attempt the No Skills, No Problem Scenario with my young adult sim Sebastian Meyers. He’s also going to do the parts of the Frog Scenario that don’t require skills & complete the curator aspiration (at a minimum).

How long will it take him to complete the scenario? Playlist link (first part goes live tomorrow, Sunday May 8, 2022).

Meet My Sim:

Sebastian is a creative freegan who is also an animal enthusiast with the bonus collector trait from choosing the curator aspiration. While he can’t learn any skills, as a spellcaster he can still learn magic. If you’d like to play along, Sebastian is on the gallery under my Origin ID MapleSimmer.

No Skills, No Problem Goals & My Tweaks:

Your sim starts with no money and had to have 400,000 simoleons before the scenario ends. While the scenario is active your sim will be unable to learn any skills. He’ll be starting on an empty, albeit beautiful, lot in Sulani (Key Point). I’ll be playing in the same save that my Plant-Sim Fern Pruitt is in, she’s just recently had her home moved to another lot in Sulani.

As an added challenge, I will not let my sim sell directly from their inventory/directly off the plants until my sim buys a yard sale table. Some ways to make money to get the yard sale table are to do odd jobs (requires Island Living) or to sell items, including harvestables and fish, at the grocery and plant ‘shops’ (requires Cottage Living) or flowers to the plant shop (requires My Wedding Stories).

For more Rags to Riches guidelines, see my blog post.

Frog Scenario Add On:

Here are the 8 of the 9 goals of the frog scenario, we will do seven of the 9 goals (we can’t fish while using frog as bait or make the frog hot pot goal not shown here, as those goals require skill in fishing or cooking respectively).

Written Summary of Frog Fanatic Scenario Goals Sebastian Will Do:

Catch a frog from a Log1 time
Catch a frog from a Pond1 time
Catch a frog from a Water Pump1 time
Breed 9 Frogs9 times
Catch or Breed 8 (of 8) unique Common Frogs8 Common
Catch or Breed 6 (of 11) unique Uncommon Frogs6 Uncommon
Catch or Breed 4 (of 6) unique Rare Frogs4 Rare

If you have any questions, need troubleshooting help or want to share your own Sims game play with other friendly Simmers please head over to my Facebook group, Sims Sanctuary or my Discord

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